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Awesome idea!
@roypovar Thanks! We'll be happy to hear you feedback.
Thanks @ayeletnoff for hunting MyLeisure! Hi Product Hunters, I'm Omri Co-founder of MyLeisure. We are excited to share with the PH community MyLeisure, a new personalized recommendations engine for entertainment activities. MyLeisure was built to provide a beautiful, enjoyable and personalized way to discover more of what you love! It's like a personal fun manager, so the more you work with the app - the better recommendations you are provided with. We started it with music, movies, TV-series and additional cool & funny stuff. We have many future plans and constantly looking for new ideas, suggestions and feedback. If you have any - post them here. Looking forward to hearing from you all! Omri
This app will show you more of what you love in a few swipes
@ayeletnoff Thanks Ayelet!
Amazing app!
@ariked Thank you Arik. We just getting started!
@ariked Thanks Arik!
WOW... I had a very similar idea a few months ago, but I figured it was too complicated to do... Great concept, absolutely perfect execution, it delivers great value for me. Great job, I'm happy to see someone accomplished my vision... gotta go thinking about a new one ;) Good luck.
@gshirkan This is very exciting. I'm happy to hear you like it and tried to execute a similar solution a few months ago. You are welcome to share your insights and suggestions based on what you love and the plans you had.