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#3 Product of the DayOctober 11, 2015
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Thanks for hunting us Eric! I am very excited to share MyEffecto with the @ProductHunt community. MyEffecto is a simple solution that arose from the 'comment vs like-button' argument. A comment is an in-depth feedback, whereas a like-button is easy for the end user to use (Just one click instead of typing). However, the like button gives very little feedback about the content in question, and comments are too cumbersome to read, review and analyze the feedback received. MyEffecto provides a plugin based solution that takes feedback based on various customizable emotions. Each button signifies an emotion, and the user/reader can effectively emote on the content. All the feedback is then nicely analyzed and displayed to you in the form of graphs and charts. With the popularity of Facebook Reactions, I would like to mention, MyEffecto does exactly the same thing, with the added liberty of customizability, and that it can be used on any webpage. Lastly, we also support blogging platforms, for example here's the WordPress plugin: If you just want to know more about how to get started, follow here and this will help you with plugin installations Any feedback is appreciated. 😀
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Hi, I am the Co-Founder at MyEffecto. Thanks for hunting us Eric and giving us this great opportunity to feature on @ProductHunt community! We have been working on MyEffecto for the past two and half years. We are very thankful for the blogger community who have been using our product and giving us more insightful feedback on our product. Please tweet me @hrishi_rane with any query or feedback about @Myeffecto. I will be very grateful.
@hrishi_rane Fantastic way to remove friction from the feedback process! I would like to test Myeffecto on a new blog and see if it would help to build community faster than usual. What would you think about adding an optional branching feature? If a respondent chose the "sad" emoji, for example, she or he could be presented with the option to comment or send a private message to the blogger.
@kkdub @hrishi_rane I like that idea Kelly!
@kkdub @womenwhotech Hey, sorry for late reply. And I am glad you like our Idea. Commenting feature is already implemented in our product. Some time back we have experimented this feature. Say, once reader click on any emoji he would be shown the option of optional commenting on blog. This comment goes for blogger's approval and if bloggers approves it, it will be shown below the plugin and blog post. In this experiment we learned that very few readers were actually willing to comment. So we decided with option of selecting pre-composed comments for each emoticon. And as we implemented this feature rate of comments went up like 80% of votes. This feature is already implemented on Myeffecto. Blogger can choose whether he or she wants to enable comments or not from settings. We are still figuring out whether to keep pre-composed comments or let readers write their comments in their own words. Because many bloggers would love to hear directly from readers rather than just pre-composed comments. It depends on the response we get from readers and demand from bloggers. Whats your preference 'pre-composed' or 'readers written'? Tweet it @myeffecto . And thanks for feedback :)
Hi, I am the co-founder of Myeffecto Its great to be added in product hunt, so its like what Sahil has explained. What Facebook reaction(Like) button do to their post, we do same for blogs. We also promote our user's blog based on their blog category to various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, etc. We thus enable programmatic content marketing and get relevant traffic on blogs. Our goal is to increase traffic and engagement on blogs End of the day we are happy when our users get happy ^_^ Hope you guys will like our product :)
Great idea guys! I love use of emoji's as a rating system
thanks @dredurr ^_^
Love this!
@womenwhotech thanks. I am so glad you like the idea.