Mycroft Mark II

The open voice assistant - You're in control of your data

Mycroft Mark II is an open voice assistant allowing for more 3rd party integrations, and complete control over your data being stored and sold to advertisers.

Friedger Müffke
  • Friedger Müffke
    Friedger MüffkeEntredeveloper from Europe

    Privacy! Privacy! Privacy!


    Not yet available as a product

    I tried it on a raspberry pi! And it worked great. Not big tech giants using my data. Using Mozilla's Common Voice!

    Friedger Müffke has used this product for one day.
Their mission is a clear differentiator, which hopefully for them allows for a larger market of people "Voice assistants from Big Tech know a lot about you. They know when you get home, how many people are in the house, what type of pets you have, and what your calendar looks like. Here at Mycroft, we’ve got the only voice assistant that respects your privacy. We don’t capture information about you, your family or your pets. We don’t store voice data: Other voice assistants on the market store every voice snippet they hear. At Mycroft, we delete the recordings as they come in, unless you actively choose to share your data by opting into our open data set. We don’t create targeted ads based on your interactions: The difference between us and the Big Tech Giants is our business model. We want to provide voice services to our members, the others have business plans around targeting you with advertisements or selling you goods and services. We don’t create ads or sell your data to anyone who does. Our software is open so anyone can inspect the code and see exactly what we are doing with user data. This transparency ensures good behavior and creates trust between Mycroft the company and Mycroft the community."
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@kristofertm I know this team personally and have watched them grow from just an idea to where they are now. This a great product from an innovative and talented team.
Great job!! Does it ship to India ? Pricing?😊
poor make