mybumper Battery Case

The world's slimmest detachable iPhone battery case

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Hey Everyone, We are really excited to bring mybumper to producthunt with our release 2 weeks ago. We are on a mission to maintain the sexiness of the iPhone 6/6s and 6+/6s+ while helping you stay alive throughout your day. mybumper battery case is the slimmest detachable battery case around and when you don't need extra juice snap off our battery back and rock just the protective bumper. Would love feedback from the group as we feel you guys know better than anyone the pain of your phone dying but still appreciating the design of the iPhone. Looking forward to any questions.
At first I was like this doesn't look that thin. Then I realized it was a battery case and my brain was like WTF! Thats what happens when you Product Hunt first thing in the AM. I love it! Congrats!
@surheeho thanks. Ya hunting early is the best for that reason. We focused on making it as thin as possible especially so when you have the battery on the back it doesn't affect the way you hold the phone for things like gaming
If I'm gonna get a battery case, this is it.
@bradenhamm Thanks Braden!
Slick! Congrats on the launch big guy.
Hi Chris. Congrats on the release. I found the information on your web page a bit misleading when it says in a popup 'Get a free iphone bumper by entering your email'. In actuality it sends you a 15% discount code. Just say it's a 15% discount and not free. Honesty is always appreciated :)
@ripulagarwal my guess is that although the bumper+battery combo is $80 or whatever, the bumper is only 15% of that. So when you go to check out, your total is the battery cost - not the bumper+battery cost. Idk could be wrong, but that's my best guess.
@ripulagarwal sorry that it came off that way. To Greg's point below we take off the cost of the bumper at checkout. We will look to the wording to ensure it doesn't mislead people. Thanks!