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Mybridge is a curated knowledge platform created for professionals working in the tech industry. It includes the best articles and tutorials in 100+ skills for entrepreneurs, developers, designers and marketers. Mybridge is a vision that goes back a few years for me. When I graduated from the university and became a professional, I suddenly had more things to learn but no longer had a guidance like a teacher or curriculum that provided me with the necessary content to look at. So we’ve reorganized the web by popular skills, in which you can find the top knowledge you need in the tech industry. Hopefully Mybridge will become the go-to place for the professionals working in tech. Would love to hear your thoughts! ps. Try our iPhone app; the web / mobile web is experiencing a bit of issues today.
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@geekyyang @jiwonbest Hey Phillip thanks man :)
Lots of curated sites have been a big hit this year! Select the skills you are interested in and Mybridge will find the best articles and tutorials everyday, tailored for you. I'll let @Jiwonbest explain his story and more detail behind Mybridge :)
@bentossell Thanks for the awesome intro, Ben!
Congratulations! Great resources. You need to fix some of the links that are not working (like Great complementary tool for startup stash.
@kevinnatanzon Thank you for the kind word Kevin! We did have a bug with links and that's fixed:) By the way, love startup stash too.
Nice collection
@varunbagga8 Thanks Varun! Let us know if there is a particular collection you liked best or want to see later!
@Mybridge I'm late to the Product Hunt party today! Yesterday. Whatever. Anyway, hi! I'm a big fan of the "tech professionals" part of this effort. With the explosion of content in the world, it's actually become more difficult to source solid content on technical (not generic startup, not growth hacking) subjects. How are you approaching this challenge?
@kkdub Hey Kelly, the party is still on:) Thanks for the support! Yes the web is indeed very noisy today, and this is exactly the problem we’re solving. Our solution is curating the web into as small categories as possible. Right now we organize the web by skills, e.g. SEO, Growth Hacking, Social Media Marketing etc. Soon, we’ll allow users to create collections within each skill, say “SEO - Analytics”, “SEO - Tools”, “Local SEO”, "SEO - Beginner", etc. The same goes for other skills. As we learn more and more about each content by its unique URL, we can ensure that the content you get is relevant. And by ranking the content and by eliminating spams, we would provide you with a solid value-added experience. Hope this explains!