myBOOM Studio

Personalize your UE BOOM 3 bluetooth speaker

With the new myBOOM Studio from Ultimate Ears, you can now personalise your UE BOOM 3 as you want.
Select fabric, colors and even display the text you want
Not feeling creative, click the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button to have a custom speaker created for you πŸ‘Œ
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I absolutely hate the UE Boom 3 speakers. I owned a Boom 2 and thought it was a great waterproof Bluetooth speaker. The inability to move to the next/previous track with the v2 speaker was the only real deficiency. The Boom 3 speaker only gets worse. Trying to pair multiple v3 speakers together is so difficult and cumbersome that it is effectively impossible. Plus, each time you turn the speakers on and want to use them together, you have to re-pair them all over again. They won't stay paired together between power cycles. Additionally, the Bluetooth range of the speakers is only about 10-20 feet in many cases, which means you're guaranteed to hear plenty of cracks and pops as the speakers lose connection with their audio source. Add to that the fact that the Boom 3 speakers no longer have an audio port so you cannot hardwire your speaker to an audio source and you have a terribly built product. After experiencing the disaster that is the UE BOOM 3 speakers, I will not be purchasing any Ultimate Ears products in the future. I cannot fathom how a team of people looked at the Boom 3 speaker and thought "Yeah, this product is definitely ready to ship!"
I came across this today and had to share because the personalization is really cool. It's only available for UE BOOM 3 and US-only for now. It costs $30 more, $179.99 instead of $149 I have been a UE BOOM 2 owner for several years now and I love the product! It's perfect in an apartment, at parties, at the beach, on the road,... Since I own a black model, I would have been interested in customizing mine when I bought it