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Tell Roy what you want to do and he will automatically plan it for you, when you have time best. Increase your productivity and arrange meetings in seconds.

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Hey @__tosh, thx for hunting us. Hi Hunters, we are pleased to present you myAlfred today. myAlfred is an AI powered butler that fits right in your pocket and brings your life into balance again. Whether you want to have a drink with your friends, a dinner with your family or go for a quick run twice a week - myAlfred finds time for the people and things you love. If you want to plan an activity for this month, you don't have to scan your calendar for the perfect date. You can simply select a vague time span without thinking about an exact date. Just like “this month sometimes in the evening”. myAlfred takes everyone’s schedule into account as well as other factors such as location of the user and finds the perfect date for everyone. If you have any questions related to our product, please don’t hesitate to ask. If you want to know more about myAlfred, please visit www.myalfred.io or contact us via email, Twitter or Facebook. We are also looking forward to your opinions and feature requests. Cheers, Gregor & myAlfred Team
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Very promising! They need more users to grow!!!! I was a beta-tester for @myAlfred and I must say that the "Makers" are really doing their best to deliver a solid product. Give it a try!
Hey @mamk, thank you for your kind words. Since the beta we have come a long way and we are excited that we finally released myAlfred on the AppStore today.
How does myAlfred find the ideal time?
@__tosh myAlfred analyzes the calendar of every attendee and finds possible timeframes when everybody is available. As a next step, our artificial intelligence uses a set of rules to decide which timeframe is the perfect one for scheduling the event. The rule set (amongst others) considers factors such as event location, travel distance or remaining free time on a specific day. Using a rule based approach makes it easy for us to improve our AI in the future. As an example, we are planning to include factors such as weather reports or personal preferences.
I’m a little bit concerned about my privacy, if I’m going to invite other people. Do they see my calendar or any of my appointments?
Hi @johnny_leo, this is a great question, however there is no need to worry. The privacy of our users is very important to us and therefore no other person will ever see your personal calendar or any of your appointments. We also don’t store any of your calendar data on our servers. We just analyze your schedule locally on your device, find the time when you are available and look for the best time slot for all of the attendees.
@ipgregor @johnny_leo Another thing to add is that we don't share any e-mail addresses with other attendees of your appointments not already known to them.
I already have a calendar app on my iphone. Would I have to use myAlfred instead of it and if yes, what’s the benefit?
Hello @wolfgang_damm. You can continue using your current calendar, in fact, you should do so. The reason being, that myAlfred is not a calendar application. It’s more like a personal assistant or butler app which manages your calendar. myAlfred works with your existing calendar, analyzes it, finds the perfect time for your events or appointments and adds them to your (existing) calendar.