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Automated KPI Dashboard for SaaS Startups

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Welcome, @paprikaxu! I love single-use tools like this and thanks for letting me try the product w/o having to signup. :) I didn't see an option to export the data to excel. Is that coming too?
We love using Christoph Janz's Excel version of KPI dashboard for our SaaS businesses. While have been customizing it bits by bits we're thinking it might be better to put together a web version of it to facilitate more startups like us. So this is a the first version, and for sure a lot more features (e.g. graphs and charts) are coming soon. I'm hoping to hear some feedback and comments from SaaS owners for further enhancement :)
@paprikaxu would be cool to integrate with Stripe so it automatically pulls in a lot of the data. Doing the data entry adds quite a bit of friction to the initial onboarding. Good luck!
@wadefoster Exactly. We had it on our roadmap and wish to add it soon. Thanks for the feedback!