My Brand New Logo 1.0

Automatic logo generator: a professional design for everyone

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 23, 2019

My Brand New Logo is an online logo maker that automatically generates professional logo designs. It uses advanced algorithms based on years of graphic design knowledge to make sure your logos always look good.

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I am sure about others, but I don't think auto generated logo makers have a future. I have tried Canva's logo maker too. I am never happy with the results.
@moseleyelma Thanks. Automatic logo generators probably are not suitable for every company, but I think there sure is a large group of people that just want a logo and can't afford to hire a designer. Could you tell me more about what you're missing from Canva's logo maker for example?
@moseleyelma Cash strapped small businesses can definitely use themas a start. I see them us much worse logos that they create themselves.Something like or is a much better alternative.

This honestly seems like yet another attempt to push out a paid product that does not provide value. Website and design flow are decent but this isn't a product, its a side tool just like the Shopify and Squarespace generators. Results are not unique. Looks like its generated with Google Fonts and Font Awesome. It's overpriced, I would personally never pay that much for theresult generated.


Website and Question Flow is Decent


-Results are not unique. -Overpriced.

Thanks for your review. Could you explain what you mean with that this isn't a product but a side-tool? What do you think would be a fair price?
might be useful for a lot of small businesses, but it's certainly not "professional logo design"
Respect for the work. But man, sites like this are not good. Not that "they steal" Designers Jobs, but it make Clients think Logo is just some Text and shit and thats all, it makes a Logo less valuable. The results are also not original and not even really cool on the site. Logo+Brand is something important for any brand, it gives a lot of subconscious values to the costumer/user. Please do something more useful. Like Tools for Designers ...etc.
@rastama49887476 I hear you. But I have experienced first-hand as co-founder of a design agency that logos are already valued less than 10 years ago. Most clients expect a complete logo / branding session as part of a new website for example. So, whatever you think of that, apparently there's a difference of perceived value between designers and (most) clients. And I agree, for serious companies an auto-generated logo might not be the best choice. Algorithms can only do so much (even though I think some of my generated logos look better than some company logos that I know cost a lot). But there are many people that simply want a quick solution that creates a nice logo for the equivalent of a couple of beers. My Brand New Logo is for those people.

It's more than I could ask for. I'm sometimes working on a side project and I didn't want to spend time creating a logo. This tool gave me plenty of ideas to start from. Not sure if I would buy anything, because I'm skilled with Photoshop and I worked as a web designer many years ago, but I could see why someone who doesn't know design would pay $50 to get all the good stuff for ALL their profiles. Actually been thinking to do that myself just out of laziness. If they would've also created the profiles for me, I would have paid :))


Super easy to use. Gave me plenty of ideas.


none (tool is cool)

Hey, thank you, that's nice! Those are exactly two use-cases I had in mind: either for inspiration, or for a quick logo when you don't want to spend time and $$$ for a designer. Thanks for your kind feedback πŸ˜„
This is extremely great for those who are just starting their business!
@mend_orshikh_amartaivan1 Thank you! That's the exact target group I had in mind πŸ˜„