Sell official pop culture merchandise on Shopify

MXED allows you to quickly and easily sell officially licensed pop culture products within your Shopify store. The Shopify store selects and markets the product and Mxed takes care of the rest from production, logistics, and shipping. Your very own pop culture store is just a click away.

  • Pros: 

    Licensed merch to sell


    Mxed doesn't fill orders as fast as they advertise, if at all. Customer service is almost non-existent, no way to cancel unfulfilled orders

    Check their most recent reviews about this app through the Shopify apps store. Bad reviews about Christmas orders fulfillment. The last GOOD review was back in November...then only bad reviews during the month of December...all about Christmas orders not being fulfilled and support be non-existent. Thanks, but no thank Mxed.

    William Gibson has used this product for one year.
  • Danielle Leslie
    Danielle LeslieOnline Courses,

    Giving Shopify owners access to licensed products which are usually impossible to access


    None that I can see so far

    My mom has a Shopify store, and she's been going in circles trying to find the right products. This will be HUGE for her.

    Danielle Leslie has never used this product.
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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverHunterPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Brilliant idea to connect two sides of the market: 1. Shopify sellers that can't or don't want to go through the burden of obtaining licenses from popular brands such as Nintendo, Marvel, and WB. 2. Brands that want to increase their distribution and merchandise sales.
Yaw Owusu-Barimah
Yaw Owusu-BarimahMaker@yawza · Co Founder @
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan
Leandrew Robinson
Leandrew RobinsonMaker@leandrew · CEO & Co-Founder, Hingeto Co
@rrhoover Thank you good sir!!!!
Yaw Owusu-Barimah
Yaw Owusu-BarimahMaker@yawza · Co Founder @
Hi Product Hunt I'm Yaw, cofounder of Hingeto & MXED. Our team has been working hard and are excited to share this with the Product Hunt community! We wanted to give Shopify stores access to sell top quality product from US suppliers who ship in less than 3 business days. We're excited to launch MXED where Shopify stores can sell official pop culture merchandise. It's an easy solution to sell products without inventory risk from your favorite movies, video games, and tv shows. Anything from Starwars, Harry Potter, Marvel, & Call of Duty. We worked really hard to make this possible for US based stores before holiday 2017. Thanks for checking us out. We'd love to get your feedback and I'm happy to answer any questions!
Kofi Frimpong
Kofi Frimpong@therealkofi · Co-Founder of
@yawza Dope looking forward to checking this out
Yaw Owusu-Barimah
Yaw Owusu-BarimahMaker@yawza · Co Founder @
@therealkofi Thanks Kofi! We're excited over time we'll be able to create custom products for stores on influencers looking to sell products online
Andrew Erdle
Andrew Erdle@gooderdle
@yawza when are the rick and morty products dropping?
Vamsi Krissh
Vamsi Krissh@vamsi_krissh
@yawza fab work.... Hope u guys into international n cross border commerce soon
Justin Winter
Justin Winter@jcwinter · Co-founder & CEO, Boostopia
Have been following @yawza and his team for a while as they have been working on this product and have been super impressed with the team. This is going to be huge, especially for the Facebook media buying entreprenuership community who rapidly test campaigns against generic dropshipped products. I have no doubt that volume will quickly be massive.
Yaw Owusu-Barimah
Yaw Owusu-BarimahMaker@yawza · Co Founder @
@jcwinter Thanks Justin. Greatly appreciated.
Marlon C. Nichols
Marlon C. Nichols@marloncnichols · Managing Partner at Cross Culture VC
In collaboration with Bioworld, one of the biggest licensing companies in the world, Hingeto has launched MXED a dropship app that let's any of Shopify's 500,000 stores install it and start selling products from 100's of today's biggest movies (Star Wars, Justice League), popular cartoons, tv shows, video games and legendary athletes like Muhammad Ali. MXED enables thousands of stores to benefit from Hingeto's dropship technology. The MXED app is already letting established retailers create new licensed focused divisions for the Holidays and will give influencers & digital marketers the ability to start multi-million dollar online shops with no real infrastructure.
Satish Kanwar
Satish Kanwar@skanwar · VP of Product at Shopify
Congrats on launching and welcome to the Shopify ecosystem! 🙌🏽
A I Maiyegun
A I MaiyegunMaker@maiyegun · Co-founder/CTO @ Hingeto.
@skanwar Thanks Satish!
Yaw Owusu-Barimah
Yaw Owusu-BarimahMaker@yawza · Co Founder @
@skanwar Thank you!
Leandrew Robinson
Leandrew RobinsonMaker@leandrew · CEO & Co-Founder, Hingeto Co
@skanwar Thanks Satish for everything! Just the beginning.