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Muzli is a great Chrome extension for designers and UX professionals. Get all the hottest, most inspiring quality shots and news from around the web, in every new tab or by demand. In addition, we’ve included a maintained set of quick-links to several awesome sites. Muzli’s idea is to provide a quick, easy and professionally curated gateway to all of the great and cool stuff that’s out there. This is our first version, and we’re planning some more awesome surprises Stay tuned.
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Always looking for inspiring content :) Cool stuff this one.
Like most, I'm always on the look-out for new inspiration. However, I personally prefer a default tab in chrome that doesn't suck me down a rabbit hole. Usually, when opening a new tab, I already have a task in mind.
Content is king. :-) The game is to see who has the best of the best, and this one delivers IMO.
Nice! My only wish is that there should be a way to disable taking over a new tab. I have producthunt extension enabled which gets taken over!