A living museum for your Android home screen

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Apps like this make me jealous of my Android friends... just a little. Muzei automatically rotates through famous works of art on your Android's home screen wallpaper. It's clever, passive way of adding a little culture to everyday life. :) h/t @stevetweedie via his BI article, 15 Android Apps That Will Make Your iPhone Friends Jealous
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@rrhoover my Android jealousy is few and far between, but it's rearing its head here.
@rrhoover @stevetweedie I saw @stevesi tweet this article last night, and Muzei definitely gave me mad (but fleeting) Android envy.
I use Muzei in my android phone and love it. The biggest thing for Muzei is the ecosystem of apps that plug into its framework as additional sources so you can then pull pictures from your personal G+ photos or flicker or bing image of the day.
Muzei is a must have on Android as far as I'm concerned. Every now and then a piece will come up that catches my eye and engages me. It's not often a phone wall paper results in 15 minutes of googling and research.
This would be amazing on an iPad. Maybe by iOS 11
@raulriera actually, I'd love to see a curation of rotating, famous art on @jrlevine's Electric Objects.
@rrhoover @raulriera I hacked that together using Apple TV. However, I know a company working on this idea, but they are still pre-launch. I'll hunt it once they launch
I really enjoy Muzei and it is one of the first apps I install on all my Android devices. The source code is also available on Github: