Personalize your website for each visitor

Mutiny helps SaaS companies personalize their website for each visitor to close more sales. For example, Mutiny can dynamically change a website’s customer testimonials to match the visitor’s industry.

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I went to your website via my iPhone - and is not responsive, menu is very small... and layout looks like desktop.
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This is very interesting. I like this a lot. Do you have any current competitors? dope🚬🚬
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@dredurr There's (I'm the founder) and a few more in this space such as RightMessage.
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@dredurr I think is also similar.
Great job!! 😊 Could this be used for an Tech website in order to create more users visiting
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This is a huge problem. We deal with trying to do this with our website all the time, and I have not found a way to do it elegantly. I'm definitely interested in seeing this progress.
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Cool concept!