Must See Places

Landmarks and locations you must see on your next trip

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I tried it in Paris, and the places are a bit too touristic to me. You should try, I made it some time ago, and looks a bit similar.
Hey ProductHunt! mustSee places is a great way to find out what are the must see places in your next trip. It uses yapQ's app traffic data and selfies taken on Instagram to determine the coolnes of a place :) We are looking forward to the help of the community with the ranking mission. museSee works in 12 different languages so make sure to try it in your native language. Love to hear your feedback.
@saoron very cool, absolutely love the localization, well done!
Hey guys, I'm the designer and Co-founder of yapQ and this new feature we call "MUST SEE PLACES" Hope you find it useful and friendly :) Waiting for your helpful input. xxx
Fail :-(. Top places for Moscow, Russia are laughable. Complete miss. A bit better for Munich, but still bad. Google's top places are way better (though far from ideal) -- compare YapQ with Still, nothing beats good old human written travel guide. Singularity is not here yet :-)
@bilb02 Sorry to hear that, The whole thing is automatically generated so mistakes are inavidable. Because this is hooked up to yapQ's real user flow when time goes by it will get better. BTW Did you try using it in Russian? We noticed that results get better on the native language.
Awesome, wish I'd discovered this before my last trip.