Music Project Budget Calculator

Calculate a music project budget and know how to break even

Create your own free, customized music project budget calculator and learn how many streams or views you need to break even and get the ROI you need as a creative.
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As music and tech makers, we wanted to create a simple yet useful budget calculator for creative projects, starting with music. The idea is to get an approx budget based on your location, the requirements you have, and have a reference for how many streams/views you need to break even. Eventually, we want to provide recommendations for making these music projects a reality. Any feedback is welcome! Thanks!
For "high budget" photoshoots and album art this estimates $500 each in NYC. That seems like a very low budget to me.
@treggify Hey Tregg, you're right, we'll adjust this a bit. Depending on the other data, we adapt the budget. Thanks for the feedback