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Woohoo, thanks for adding this on here. I've been working on it since December 2013 now. It started as a node-webkit project where I wanted to have a music player running natively on the desktop. But after hitting a rough spot with Flash and proprietary music libraries I decided to continue building it on the web. It's built on node.js, some sockets, backbone, blood, sweat and tears and using a heavily modified Semantic UI as a CSS framework. It's been quite a learning experience. The project is always looking for contributors and if you want to help build a streaming, web-based music player (for reddit) by the people, for the people, you should consider it: https://github.com/musicplayer-i...
I wish I could upvote this a million times. It's amazing! BTW, it looks and works great as a Chrome SSB. :)
@kyletaylored It's coming all the way from this and then this
Wow. This looks cool. I'm very hesitant about new music players (how many can I have on my laptop or phone for that matter) but this is surfacing stuff from a different place.
@odower That's the best part. It's on the web! But mobile support is bad for now sadly.
Good stuff! Looks way cleaner than radd.it