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High-quality digital resources which make your products sound great. Indie Unsplash for music.
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🎉🎉🎉 For many years my good friend Evgeny Teilor (@evgeny_teilor) has been composing music professionally and working on the sound design for commercials, movies, games, and TV-shows. Nowadays, he is a professional digital producer and prolific creator. He works with musicians, movie directors, internet personas and influencers in composes music of all possible styles and genres. YouTube: 2.2M views Jamendo: 2M plays Soundcloud: 340k plays I’m happy to announce that we have just finished composing, designing, coding and testing the​ collaborative product that we merrily call ‘Unsplash for music’. Music Maker is free music for everyone. - Need soundtracks for your podcasts? - Wanna find your unique sound? - Trying to spice up your indie game with an epic soundtrack? Then you can choose to download Music Maker’s free universal music pack, which includes: - 21 tracks in mp3 format (3 per theme) - 1 set of stems* included Total size: 445 Mb * A note for tech-savvy people and enthusiasts. We are not only sharing the mixed tracks, but also the ‘stems’: sets of music files for each instrument/voice. You can put your musician hat on and use remix, reuse, recycle them the way you’d like. To get the most value out of Music Maker’s marketplace, you can get Giga pack. Truly one-and-only all-in-one pack. You will get access to all music the talent has created so far and will create in the future. This way,​ you will never run out of music material and support the indie artist. - 100+ tracks in .mp3 and lossless format - 20+ stems included - 1 year of free updates - Priority support Total size: 11.2 Gb The plan is that @evgeny_teilor and I will be creating 1-5 new tracks each week. Invest once and get dividends in new tracks and stems.
Hi there! Glad to share my music with PH community and answer your questions ;)
Interesting name choice...
@musicformakers Do you mean this? or this :) The world is full of music makers, I guess.
Great pack, but really it's little tricky to get understand where to find the link.
@oussk thanks. I will make a note of it and try to message this better
Landing page is great !