Music Key by YouTube

A new way to enjoy music (beta signup)

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YouTube just announced their $7.99/month ad-free subscription service. Add another a-la-carte plan to add your monthly Spotify, Netflix, etc. budget. I'm curious how much of total video plays/time spent on YouTube is from music. I know many people default their music search to YouTube, over Spotify and other services dedicated to music streaming.
@rrhoover I pretty much only use youtube now to listen to music. For some reason its just easier to run an extra chrome tab or use an extension than to have a separate account on yet another service.
@_gordee @rrhoover Same here, mostly for the rare/live stuff nobody else has.
I'd love if they did this for all videos. I'd pay to never see youtube ads.
This has been in the works for quite a while, so it's surprising that they're doing a private beta. Seems to be Googles go-to move for generating buzz with new products (see Inbox). As far as pricing: "For the first six months, access will be free and then go up to $7.99. The charge will be $9.99 for people who are not invited but sign up next year."
Super excited to have this finally launched! I've been using in alpha for a while, and listening to music without ads is amazing.
This is fantastic! Thanks for PH to alert us on the beta signup. This is finally hitting the market. In terms of market share, I have read a lot of numbers about how they are the biggest in the music business. Makes sense that they deliver the audio part only. Saves a ton of bandwidth for them too. They also have great positioning. See Adele's manager Jonathan Dickins recent comments about perception of youtube vs spotify: “On the one hand, labels are trumpeting YouTube as a marketing tool: 10 million views on YouTube and it’s a marketing stroke of genius. But on the other hand they’re looking at 10 million streams on Spotify and saying that’s x amount of lost sales.” This is gonna be big!