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#2 Product of the DayApril 13, 2018

Museum of Websites 🏛is a hand-curated gallery of how the design of famous internet companies have evolved over time. We hope you like the throwback screenshots and get a chance to remember the good days in the past :)

Nourddine Benmourssli
Wael Tohamy
  • Max
    MaxJS Developer

    Nice, clean and to the point


    I can't seem to cmd+click or open in new tab in any way

    Pretty cool, better than going to web archive

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Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
So nostalgic - how did you collate the older versions for this? @juliaenthoven @realericlu
Eric Lu
Eric LuMakerHiring@realericlu · Aspiring entrepreneur
@juliaenthoven @abadesi we used the Web Archive to get the earlier screenshots of all the pages. In fact, each gallery page has links to the web archive, which provides an actual working version of the old page! Web archive is awesome.
Greg Rog
Greg Rog@learnuxio · **Idea Architect**
Cool and nostalgic idea - it's great to see how some companies evolved due to trends.
Julia Enthoven
Julia EnthovenMakerHiring@juliaenthoven · CoFounder of Kapwing
@learnuxio Hey Greg, glad you like it! I think it’s inspiring to see the humble beginnings of today’s tech giants - everyone has to start somewhere haha! Are there any websites you think we should add?
Eric Lu
Eric LuMakerHiring@realericlu · Aspiring entrepreneur
Hi Product Hunt! This past week, we were looking for design inspiration from old websites, to see how they have changed over time. Our research left us wanting more, so we decided to put some of the top sites together in a gallery. The result is the Museum of Websites 🏛️! One of the most interesting things we saw over time was how media, like images and video, became more and more prominent over time. You can really see this in the Yahoo gallery! My favorite one is probably Google though, because of how iconic the simple homepage has always been. Hope you enjoy the galleries and that the museum takes you on a walk down memory lane!
Marina Yalanska
Marina Yalanska@myalanska · Tech/design blogger. CMO/Writer at Tubik
Guys, that's cool, real flow of websites evolution in one place. Looking forward to updates!
Julia Enthoven
Julia EnthovenMakerHiring@juliaenthoven · CoFounder of Kapwing
@myalanska Thanks Marina! Any websites in particular you think we should add?
Michal Pancak
Michal Pancak@michal_pancak ·
Nice idea.. It is interesting to see how outdated some sites look just 6 years ago.
Julia Enthoven
Julia EnthovenMakerHiring@juliaenthoven · CoFounder of Kapwing
@michal_pancak I agree! It’s weird how we subconsciously get used to changing design trends. You don’t notice it until they’re directly juxtaposed, and then it’s surprising. Which site did you think looks the most outdated?
Michal Pancak
Michal Pancak@michal_pancak ·
@juliaenthoven I think that the most outdated was youtube in 2012 ..