Twitter, but on the Blockchain

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Murmur is a new-age microblogging platform on EOS blockchain. Unlike conventional social media platforms, Murmur is decentralized. This way users can better exercise control over their data, socially connect in safe & interesting ways without entrusting their data to some central middlemen & without confirming with arbitrary rules of publishing.

  • Rohit malhotra
    Rohit malhotraCrypto influencer

    Decentralised , No Ads, Reward and tip System for good content


    Little buggy for now ,speed can be increased and new features can be added

    It's an innovative app for micro blogging where good content get rewarded , it's censorship resistant also there are no annoying Ads cluttering your feed. With greater adoption this app will surely change the way we look at blockchain technology.

    Rohit malhotra has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Very easy to onboard as compared to other blockchain dapps i have seen. Murmur takes a hybrid approach which makes it unique.


    More UX improvements need to be done. Considering this is just out of beta this can work fine.

    I would love to see how it evolves going forward. We hopefully can have a censorship resistant twitter with murmur

    Gaurav Dahake has used this product for one week.
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Rohit malhotra
Rohit malhotra@cryptosenser · Crypto influencer
Great startup and good product ,I hope it flourish and app keep improving with new features and removing bugs.
Baobab Miners
Baobab Miners@baobab_miners
revolutionary! can't wait to implement the eco-system everywhere
Gautam ANAND
Gautam ANAND@gautam_anand · Data Engineering | Blockchain
Why I like the app? (Early User) - Twitter that aims to be transparent and accountable. - Easy to use and fast.
meeta sharma
meeta sharmaMaker@meetasharma · Marketing Head, Murmur
Thankyou for all your feedback, folks. We are working hard on building a solid decentralized microblogging platform that's efficient and interesting through and through. Do keep those feedback coming!
Mohd. Imran (乇мմ™)
Mohd. Imran (乇мմ™)@thesoulfulemu · Founder & CEO, BIZBoost Inc.
Bravo 🐾 Referred by Vivek. Keep killin’ it 🕊