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Dear All, 12 years back, my mom choked in her sleep. My dad and I rushed her to the ER (Emergency Room) in the back of a car. By God's grace, she survived. Sitting outside the ICU, I asked myself why are there no Emergency Ambulance Services in India similar to 911 in USA. These questions led me to found Ziqitza Health Care Limited (Dial 1298 for Ambulance) which we grew to be the Developing World's Largest Emergency Ambulance company. Yet, after 12 years and 1300+ Ambulances, I saw huge gap in making emergency response services available across the developing world. 6.25 billion people do not have access to emergency response service which is taken for granted in the developed world. The other 0.75 billion people who do have access to emergency response service is finding is increasingly delayed and expensive. We believe MUrgency - UN RESEAU GLOBAL DE REPONSE D'URGENCE (One Global Emergency Response Network) will revolutionize emergency response globally. Pls share and support
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Wow I can see this being especially important for developing countries! Which countries are you launching in? Also, how many emergency responders do you have, and how are they vetted/trained? Do you suggest people use this in conjunction with state-run emergency services? Awesome stuff
@stoneadam Hey Adam! We definitely see this as a much-needed service in developing countries that lack gov't-run emergency response. In the end, everyone deserves a helping hand in times of pain and crisis. Our pilot market — where will be rolling out boots-on-the-ground emergency response — is Punjab State, in northwest India. We believe Punjab is an ideal place for our proof of concept because of its high smart-phone penetration. Right now we are recruiting trained medical professionals (doctors, nurses, EMTS, ambulances) in Punjab state. We’re checking their background and credentials, and adding them into our network. Once we’ve achieved sufficient saturation, we will turn on the RESPONSE feature. This is our KILLER FEATURE. It allows you to send out a message for help — and nearby first responders will respond directly to you. It's emergency response on demand. Our network integrates with existing ambulance companies and services. In a place like Punjab, we are partnering with local ambulance companies, and providing a platform that helps them to better connect with people in need of urgent out-of-hospital care. Of course, our app is available globally, and the response is rolling out market-by-market. Our second killer feature works anywhere: our Trusted Network. This gives you the ability to build your personal trusted network of friends, neighbors, coworkers, family, etc. So if you're hurt, you blast a message to your Trusted Network, and your neighbor comes running, shows up in 30 seconds, and gives you first aid while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. We also facilitate communication between your trusted network and a responder if you've requested one. Hope this answers your questions! Feel free to shoot any more our way. Sam MUrgency Communications
@stoneadam We are launching four soft features globally. The MUrgency Responder function is being launched region by region starting with Punjab (India).
murgency is a game changer that has the opportunity to make a real difference in the world. I heard them pitch this past December at GMIC (they came in 2nd place). One of the judges, who was quite distinguished, just couldn't comprehend that you don't always get a trained medical specialists within minutes of calling 9-1-1, especially in developing countries like India.
@zushizack Hi Zack, thank you for pointing out that 911 service which is taken for granted in US and similar services in the developed world is not available to the developing world. Look forward to your continued support.
Lack of Timely Care Kills More People Than AIDS, Malaria and TB Combined which makes this problem incredibly relevant for the 5+ billion people who don't have access to it. So the story behind Shaffi, the founder is pretty wild. His mother had a stroke in the early 2000's. Fast forward 10 years later, Shaffi started India's largest ambulatory service with 1000+ vehicles and 5000 employees/teammates. Here he is on TED talking about it: This new evolution has more to do with servicing the last mile.
@datarade Thank you for your support and kind words.
Shaffi...are you familiar with relief watch? Could be some synergies there to explore. Great concept and initial execution, but where's the team?! Surely you're not doing this all on your own. Please let me know if I can be of service - I have 10 years experience in the developing world (Africa, India, and Central America).
@alanaut24 Alan: worry not! We do have a team! Shaffi is definitely the CEO and visionary, but he's built a strong product team and brought in many highly talented people. (to see a non-exhaustive list of team members: go to and scroll down to the team section.) Shaffi has also built partnerships with some of the world's largest emergency response companies such as Envision and Falck. In addition, we are a UNDP Business Call to Action enterprise and partnered with the World Economic Forum. let's definitely connect. Can you email me at
@alanaut24 Alan, will check out relief watch. We have a full fledged rock star team spread between SF, Seattle, NY, Dubai, Mumbai and Cochin. Will connect back with you soon. Pls do connect with Sam Hall to explore possibilities.