Accept multiple cryptocurrencies with just 5 lines of code

Munt is an easy to use payment gateway for accepting multiple cryptocurrencies with just 5 lines of code. Munt's features include; accept and withdraw 6+ currencies, send email receipts, refund failed payments and much much more.

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Hi Hunters! I'm Sven the founder of Munt, Munt got started during the Product Hunt hackathon and has since been my fulltime project. I started Munt because I noticed that back then there were no good products for accepting cryptocurrencies easily on your website or app so I decided to build it myself. So I am really excited and afraid to show you my work. Munt's features: -Accept and withdraw 6+ cryptocurrencies -Automatically sends email receipts when a payment succeeds or fails -Refund failed payments -Easy to use dashboard -JS and PHP library -REST API -Mobile friendly UI -Customizable checkout form And much much more coming soon! If you have any questions, ask me!
Big shout out to for an amazing community of shippers!
So users could be known as Munters?? Funny connotations in British English :)
@stars7up haha, Munt actually means coin in Dutch.
@svenvd_zee to “get munted” is a whole different story
I really like the landing page style, it has a nice functional and clear feel. I just tested the demo and couple points, what is the circle in the top right corner meant to signify (on QR code slide)? Second I think the back arrow button could be extended to Payment so you can click on either to go back one step. Keep it up!
@luikohl That circular thing on top is meant to be a timer, but I need to work on that. Thanks for the feedback I will look into it!
Hello Sven, it's a good idea but I've been waiting for 2 mins to try your demo :)
@orhanbayram That's weird, are you blocking popups or javascript?
@orhanbayram And which currency have you selected?
@svenvd_zee don't think so, tried twice and same problem.
@orhanbayram should work now, I do have a problem with bitcoin, but that should be resolved soon. All the other currencies work fine.
Hey Sven, great product! Wish you guys best of luck.
@dimitry_apollonsky thanks Dimitry, you too.