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Hi there, I'm Muna's creator! Feel free to ask any question or make any remarks, always happy to talk!
@ubermuda beautiful product, and excited to watch its development. Personally, I don't really use twitter favorites for links to read later, but I will use the bookmarklet. It would be nice if I could opt out of the twitter side since it is going to add noise.
@thomasknoll @ubermuda +1. Though I do have an extensive list of articles in Pocket that I never read but could use a reminder for ;)
@crixlet @thomasknoll +1 and I'm pretty sure it's on the roadmap already! But I'll let @ubermuda confirm :)
@gregoiregilbert @crixlet @thomasknoll yes abslutely! Support for more content sources like Pocket and Instapaper is on the way.
New product by @ubermuda! Favorite tweets with links you want to read and receive them in your mailbox later.
Very clever! How can Muna help people who already spend too much time reading articles online, @ubermuda?
@Chikodi simply put, Muna allows you to favorite-and-forget interesting content and then kind of forces you into a fixed reading schedule every day. More features are planned like offline and mobile reading that should help people with a long commute time make the best of it. In the long term, Muna will also be able to rank your content by relevance and present you with the best content, allowing you to disregard bad content altogether.
@ubermuda Thanks (: Best of luck
Can't wait for Pocket support! Is there a way to use Muna's bookmarklet independent of the Favorite feature?
@kalivia hey, sorry I just saw your message. I've seen your blog post at Think Apps so I guess you figured the answer on your own already, but I'll be answering anyway for people stumbling here. So yes, the bookmarklet is actually completely independant from the favorite feature. Actually at some point after we implement Pocket and Instapaper support, we're going to start working on browser extensions (I'd say Chrome and Firefox will come first) to complement the Bookmarklet. The bookmarklet itself will eventually get a few more exciting features, but I can't tell you more right now :)
@ubermuda Sounds great. Thanks for following up. I look forward to seeing the new features!