Copy multiple things and paste any from right click menu

Multicopy is a usability browser extension both for Chrome and Firefox, which lets you to copy multiple texts and avails them in right click menu. Paste any of the text in any input field.

To Copy: Right click on selected text -> Multicopy -> Copy this!

To Paste: Right click on text area -> Multicopy -> Select the entry

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Not all heroes wear capes.....
For all the lazy people out there who are tired of copy pasting multiple things one by one.
@trishul not lazy. Efficient! 😃
I was talking to my wife about this very function 2 nights ago, there used to something in one of the Windows packages that did this, plugin added, will give it a try
This is great but isn't there a way this could work with keyboard shortcuts itself?
@srijancse Try Alfred (OSX) and you have both keyboard shortcuts, and a system wide use.
@srijancse Chrome has an extension named "Multi Copy Paste" which does this via keyboard shortcuts.
Excellent ! can we see what we've copied with this plugin in the past?
@nurullah_bingol Everything you copied is available in extension options, you can also remove them (one by one or all together, see screenshot 3 😉)