Sell products directly from your bio link, with analytics

Enabling solopreneurs and thought-leaders with e-commerce and lead generation tool to maximise their socialmedia presence with one link.
⚡️Do more with one link and sell better
⚡️Monetise your social media audience
⚡️Online direct sales for solopreneurs
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6 Reviews3.3/5
Easy to start selling as 1,2,3. Excited about where you're gonna take this, @samsonaligba and team — well done!
Thank you @syncnd 👏
Love the pixel integration and custom analytics, nice work!
Thank you for the kind words @lachlankirkwood
Hello everyone, Here is my MVP I have spent the last decade professionally focused on Digital technology enablement for brands in various capacities, including being a developer myself and co-founding a digital agency, birthing several products. I created for solopreneurs who sell directly on social media, and aren't keen on getting a website or managing one. Inspired by social media link aggregation services and the absence of Instagram shopping in Africa, mulaa is combining content links with products on one url in a simple interface with the goal of driving conversion. Currently onboarding users and working to release some key features before the end of the year. You can see a sample shoppable link here Happy to hear your feedback.
@samsonaligba Cool concept, I tried using the app but got slightly confused in the onboarding process. Here's my feedback on the product, hope I was not too harsh :) -
Hey @kanad_bahalkar , thanks for the visual feedback. I have responded to each. The automated tour isn't a priority at the moment. We are onboarding each user and learning from their experience before we codify that into a tour. Thanks again.
@samsonaligba Awesome, I wish you all the luck! :)
Brilliant product @samsonaligba How does mulaa treat customer accounts and recurring purchases? Does the creation of a single account remain persistent across all mulaa powered stores?
Thank you @kunletcampbell, customers do not need an account to checkout. From our observation, the traditional checkout process presents a bottle-neck in conversion, reason we made this a quick checkout. All data about the order is visible to the merchant on their mulaa dashboard. Your second question highlights an interesting usecase, we will be taking feedback to understand if users will appreciate this as a feature. The original idea for mulaa is to give each merchant a personalised experience with complete ownership of their customers.
Hi @samsonaligba, congratulations on getting your MVP out. I'd been thinking about building something similar, and its great to see you're already there! My big concern around this space in general is how Big Social will just clone you after you validate the hypothesis for them - curious as to what your thesis around this is?
Hello @angad_nadkarni Thank you. I humbly expect that to happen at the least in 18 months, while the primary use-case is first within the big 3 social platforms, solopreneurs need a simpler and mobile friendly interface to do a lot. I am working to empower solopreneurs with the tools to drive sales, which I doubt will be the focus of the big Social. I will be happy to see your take on this niche, make a go for it, I believe the journey should be worth it.