An interactive wood panel for peaceful digital living

Mui is calm design device built with natural wood that serves as a smart home control hub. Using the digital display that appears with a swipe of your hand, you can talk, send/receive messages, check the news and weather and control smart devices (lighting, thermostats, etc.) and more.

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I'm liking this trend of fashionable, simple home decor -- digitally enabled, it feels like it should be in a home and it serves a digital purpose
I'm into this, although how much does it cost? Based on its past Kickstarter, looks like it might be around $499.
Anything that piece of wood can do, my phone/google home/alexa/ipad can do better. Especially given the projected price.
Okay, I may be wrong and have no sense of design, but a random piece of wood on a wall would also look equally weird as a google home sitting on a table, wouldn't it? Even in the screenshots it does seem so, at least to me.
@ishaanbahal drill some coat hooks on the underside ;)