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#4 Product of the DayJune 19, 2019
Mudrex lets anyone invest in cryptocurrencies using the top performing strategies made by pro traders.
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As an algorithmic trading firm, this will be a GODSEND for us when all our algos are implemented. I haven't been this excited about a platform launch in a long long time.


- Super easy to use, very responsive and helpful team. - TradingView support coming soon (this is huge)


- Still a bit early in the stage, but from the looks of it the team is motivated to make lots new features quickly.

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Thanks for your positive feedback Han. Looking forward to have you trading soon using Mudrex :)

@imrgoyal 1. "We shall retain 30% of the Marketplace Payments and transfer 70% " 2. "We make no claims concerning whether the Content may be downloaded, viewed, or be appropriate for use outside of the United States. If you access the Site, or the Content from outside of the United States, you do so at your own risk. " When Mudrex launched today and within the first 2 hours got over 100 likes and 6 reviews, all positive, I was intrigued, especially since only yesterday, the much awaited and publicized Facebook Libra launch got only HALF those numbers in the same time span. My statistical brain was intrigued so I decided to dig, sensing potential foul play. When I then noticed that a lot of the upvotes were from new users and half of the positive reviews were from users who had never upvoted or had any prior activity on PH, things got interesting. The Mudrex launch was not a casual affair: it was carefully timed to coincide with Facebook’s Libra and ride that wave. To wit, the HUNTER of Libra yesterday is one of the MAKERS of Mudrex today. For those who know, I do in depth reviews so “here we go again”. In the comments below, I show how Mudrex although explicitly soliciting users from across the globe, is legal and made for US users ONLY, which right now form less than 30% of their overall user base. Then there is the issue of jeopardy to users who are using a product that may lead to criminal liabilities. Then I dissect the questionable business practices of charging 30% commissions AND piggybacking off users’ trading strategies. Finally, I show some of the numerous security flaws in the product itself. For the Mudrex guys(since I didn't see any female employees listed): please take these as learning points and constructive criticism. Yes I am somewhat direct but this is free feedback. I hope you can use these to make changes and better the product as it IS an interesting idea.


Good idea but terrible and questionably unethical execution.


1. 30% commissions: ridiculous. 2. For US users ONLY. 3. Mt Gox like security issues. 4. Unethical vote stacking and fake reviews.

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Hi John, To clarify, all of your points you shared in the cons are factually incorrect. 1) There is no charge from marketplace investors except the subscription charges. 2) More than 50% of our users are outside of US. 3) Mt. Gox doesn't apply. We don't hold custody. 4) You can join our discord group and can find almost each single reviewer there.
Mudrex is an amazing trading platform combining the simplisity of programming using blocks with trading algorithms, there is an amazing discord group where you can ask questions, ranging from getting-started to serious discussions about the latest strategy developments. The support of the community and especially of the dev-team is amazing, I for one asked for a certain indicator to be added and the next update it was added! I'm surprised that Mudrex isn't already at the top of algorithm-trading platforms, because simply put, the capabilities and potential for it to be number one is already there! 10/10
@tijn_van_de_heuvel Thanks for the positive feedback and helping us improve the product so far.
@tijn_van_de_heuvel @imrgoyal But this is not GDPR compliant and Mudrex employees have access to your private trading strategies. 30% commissions? A bit far I think @shaggy_ks
This is an absolute charm for the algorithmic trading world. Literally slashes away huge time investments through their intuitive drag drop features.almost gives a creative edge to visualise your strategies. This is a phenomenal use case and I would wish the mudrex team to improve upon all the feedback because this is truly a potential LAMBO product. Absolutely remarkable. Mudrex Marketplace
@minimalnotpoor Thanks for your kind words. The whole team is working hard day and night to improve existing product and build new features which helps traders create better algorithms.

This is looking good people. I just love the user interface which allows you to create cryptocurrency trading strategies without coding. Mudrex also allows you to backtest any strategy with the settings you choose. Besides backtesting there's also paper trading and for anyone who doesnt wan't to create his/her own strategy there's the marketplace where you can subscribe to existing strategies made by the pro's! I'm excited! And this seems to be only the beginning.


- Superb user interface - Backtesting and Papertrading integrated - The Marketplace!


No Cons i know of

Thanks for sharing such a detailed positive feedback Symvar. It has been a pleasure having your support.