Muddy Bites

Bite-sized waffle cones filled with chocolate.

Muddy Bites are conveniently sized bags of bite-sized waffle cones filled with chocolate.

Essentially, they're the tips of sundae cones, but in bags.

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Great idea, I would also recommend creating expanding on the idea: food in small portions (of course this would be great for a restaurant or a cafe). I usually have this problem, the portions are too big so I have leftovers all the time which is a waste. Also I wanna finish all to not trow it away which can lead to obesity. This approach would help in many ways: 1. Less food waste 2. Potential solution for obesity 3. It would be possible to try different options of food and mix them Really hope someone is gonna bring to life this idea :)
@kura955 Hey, Kura! Thank you so much for the feedback! You have no idea how much it means to me... All bags of Muddy Bites will be in resealable bags so you can save them for later!

Should be a full waffle cone filled with chocolate


ChocolateThe chocolate filled waffle cone


Too small