Moving Nomads 2.0

Find wifi cafes, co-working spaces & digital nomads πŸ’»πŸŒ

Moving Nomads helps travelers find WiFi cafes, Co-working spaces, SIM cards, Co-living spaces & connects them with other Digital Nomads. With user generated tips & data collected for over 300 cities, Moving Nomads provides recommendations that make it easier to work while travel. Now available on the web, iOS & Android!

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How is this different from Nomad List?
@bcf_ant Moving Nomads is about user generated tips to help people find the best coworking spaces, WiFi cafes, coliving and SIM cards. If you look at our mobile app experience you'll get a better idea about it. Nomad list has tons of data on cities which we aren't trying to follow since it already does a good job with it.
Hello Product Hunt! We just launched our Web app for Moving Nomads and the 2.0 version of our app. We focussed this release on the feedback of our early adopter Digital Nomads. The 2.0 app brings many new features like new cities every time you open the app, notifications on cities when new tips & nomads visit, tips map, quicker performance and visual upgrades. Our web experience is limited with cities and tips data. We plan to keep our social features to the mobile app only, where users can connect with other Digital Nomads who have been to the cities they are visiting or are around them. Also, smaller features like hop, profile & adding of tips are mobile only. This is to ensure that our web app can be used really quickly to consume some of the content, especially for new users before they download the mobile app and sign up for Moving Nomads. We hope you check out our new app and the web version and share some feedback with our team! 😸
Thanks for all the feedback. Please feel free to reach us directly with any additional suggestions!
Love the concept! A map would really help me a) get a sense of where things are, and b) help me to zoom/filter. Also, information that pops up on mouseover would speed my navigation by reducing clicks / closes.
@alexglassey thanks for the feedback! We added a tips map in our mobile app in the latest release.
It is Europe/USA? CIS countries are there are well?
@jamiefuller you'll find countries all around the globe in the app.