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another legit product from @thetylerhayes (maker of one of my other regularly used products: )
This is a great idea. I think it'd be interesting to follow up at least once a month with your subscribers to collect feedback on the film and setup a recommendation engine based on their interests. As it scales, you could even provide that info to studios which would allow them to have groups of potential early adopters and advocates to market to.
@lo_preston Interesting idea
When did you make this, @thetylerhayes!? You gotta tell me these things, man. πŸ˜‰ I actually try to avoid trailers. I like to go into a film nearly blind.
@rrhoover I'd honestly forgotten until I checked the blog: Looks like summer 2011, then I launched the Moviemail Button in early 2012 (which no one ever used ;) I think this was like my third side project while I was at Disqus? I think first was Stripe (not the one we all know and love), then Spacious.
🐰 there may or may not be a keyboard easter egg 🐣