Mountain Duck

Mount server & cloud storage in the File Explorer or Finder

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Hasn’t Transmit by Panic Software ( done this for years?
@cenk I was actually just going to post the same thing. Curious to hear what the notable differences are, or at a minimum, why we should choose Mountain Duck over Transmit? (especially for those who are paying customers of Transmit)
@cenk I didn't know about either Transmit or this tool until now, it'll be good to try it out. I didn't see anything explicitly for GCP on the Transmit site, does it support it?
I personally like the idea behind Odrive: And IT IS FREE !!!
@ankushdharkar this has been out for a while there are several variants, I do like the recent updates and linked files ... That's neat. I'm still for having cloud storage at home that way I can trust it.
@hgottfried What do you mean by "cloud storage at home"?
@ankushdharkar I mean I have several terabytes of storage on my network that are available to me anywhere I can get online, and if the net is not available it keeps a cached local copy. All of my storage is in a redundant RAID array so that up to two drives can fail at once and be swapped. Think about it, "there is no such thing as the cloud, it's just some one else's hard drive." So why not use my own.
@hgottfried Are you also protected for events like power-outage, natural disasters or the house burning up?
@ankushdharkar technically, the room has it's own circuit for power as my lab shares the space. That circuit has a line conditioning and UPS in place (you can set this up less than $500). Like most homes there is a fire alarm and fire suppression system. So for the most part yes anything that needs off site goes to AWS Glacier. Please understand I'm probably not your target demographic I use my cloud services but for disparity, saving one offs here and there, and I do like your product, my comment was more along the lines of cloud storage is becoming much more common place for users to develop their own.
Always good to have a new contender in the mount-server-in-the-finder/file-explorer field, but what's the USP of Mountain Duck? What makes it different from well-established apps like ExpanDrive?
Is it posible to use TimeMachine in this case?
I've been testing during the beta and the product is awesome. Before it, I had to run terminal commands to mount SSH volumes. Great job!