Moto 360

The round smart watch is finally here.

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Does anyone know the names of the talented designers who made this? They deserve a round of applause.
@nzieber Large team, in fact, of people under Jim Wicks in design and Iqbal in hardware engineering. I'll just say that in addition to design something that should be considered is the immense power efficiency gained in custom ICs. It's a real electrical and software engineering problem that truly is *hard*.
Hate the cut off at the bottom of the screen, but this is still the smart watch to beat. Until Apple's entry, of course.
@joshpuetz agreed. That band annoys me. Was almost there, likely a good reason to make that choice but can't see it online - is that reason enough to order one? I think it might be :)
@joshpuetz I can promise you won't even notice it after a day.
@niket I want to believe, but then I see a picture like this and my OCD goes off like crazy.
@joshpuetz Yeah. It'll get better and I think this was the best compromise given the choices. (Assuming you knew you didn't want to go with rectangular display).
@joshpuetz After reading the reviews from Engadget and Verge, the conclusion is this watch is dead. They rushed it to get ahead of the iWatch, and sadly, a flop. There is no excuse for such poor screen, and porting Android to the watch to cause that horrible clipping. Dead son.
Wow... Tinder notifications displayed right on your wrist haha. Not sure how I feel about that but this is very cool!nnDoes anyone know the expected battery life of this watch? I can't imagine it lasting more than 72 hours.
@WesMagness I had a Tinder notification go off while I was in a bar that ended up being the woman. It was the most bizarre, San Francisco-only thing that has ever happened to me. With that said, this watch will start conversations in a way that doesn't require Tinder. And in a good way (because it's a good looking accessory first and nobody suspects it's a digital screen). People go bonkers.
@WesMagness The Verge doesn't approve of the battery life: "Motorola says the 360’s battery lasts a day, but I haven’t seen it last that long yet. I don’t expect a smartwatch to last weeks or years, but it ought to be able to last a day and a night no matter how much I use it. My watch now dies before my phone does, and that’s unacceptable. I’ve already spent too much time wearing a dead Moto 360, and good-looking a bracelet as it is, that’s not what I’m spending $249 for."
@niket Oh it absolutely will! I've found that people point out watches more than any other accessory so this will definitely spark some conversations. Any word on the battery life? [ Answered by @graham_early ]
@graham_earley Ouch.. I should've read through the review but thanks for helping me out. That battery-life is a huge turn off. I wasn't expecting it to last a week or anything remarkable but that's just lame.
@WesMagness Similar problem to rocket fuel. Larger phones have upside of consuming more power but having more room for larger batteries. Battery life is #1 concern in consumer electronics and this is why. I can tell you a large group is working on it. EDIT: I have found similar power consumption but can understand some cases where the battery is railed because of bad process mgmt and heavy use.
@niket I just want to say first, watch looks awesome and second thanks for taking the time to join us here on Product Hunt and talk about the product. I almost wish i had an android phone to use it with :)
A friend mentioned he's more excited about the LG G Watch R since that's the real 360º deal. I think I'm ready to give up on those few extra degrees that the Moto 360 lacks just for the finesse of the product.
@sahilk I agree with you. First of all, getting a full 360 display is hard because of the driver placement. So LG should get a lot of props of doing that well. I think the tradeoff of a *huge* bezel, and what appears to be a reduced screen size doesn't make it worth it. I've been using the Moto 360 for about 6 months and I have to say you don't notice the small 'chin' at all. It feels and is an amazing watch first; a smart watch second.
@niket We learned to ignore banner ads on websites. This is will be an easy task. My Seiko needs a well deserved replacement. Only this can. :)
@niket The Verge mentioned in their review that it only last about half a day. I've been wearing the LG G for months and I always get a full day out of it. I have been waiting for the 360 but now I'm hesitant because of the battery life. How has the battery life been in your experience?
@ccarella I've gotten better than that, but I also think battery life (in general and across our devices) can get better. I expect more improvements in OTA updates.