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Arielle Zuckerberg — Partner at KPCB
Hey, everyone! I’m excited to tell you about a cool new product from an SF startup that launches today.

Motiv Ring is a fitness tracker that tracks activity, heart rate and sleep. I’ve been a Beta tester for a couple of months, and the thing I’m most blown away by is the form factor -- it’s the most low-profile fitness tracker I’ve ever used/seen. I even wore it to a black-tie event!

Check it out, share it with your friends, bookmark it and come back later. I know the team would love some feedback and of course if you have questions, ask away!

For more info or to reserve yours visit: You can also follow along on social:


Adrian Knoll — Head of Digital
@ariellezuck very cool product indeed. do you know if it will allow to share data with iOS health as well? I couldn't find info on their website.
Shy Rosenzweig — GM - Monyx
@ariellezuck Love it, I hope its accurate
Yaniv E — CTO/Founder
@ariellezuck Is there a way to turn off the bluetooth?
Curt von Badinski — Cofounder and CTO @Motiv
@nycortex @ariellezuck The ring syncs with the app every several minutes. You can also manually sync by spinning the ring a couple times on your finger. We do not currently offer a way to turn off the Bluetooth.
Amanda Nagy (Ingle) — Graphic Designer II, Anytime Fitness LLC
@curtvb very cool product. Love the concept! Working for a fitness company, I'm always impressed with new and improved fitness tech.
Mike Strasser — Co-founder and CEO @Motiv
@adrian_knoll @ariellezuck Hi Adrian, we won't have iOS Health Integration at launch, but we will integrate it soon after.
Adrian Knoll — Head of Digital
@mstrasser @ariellezuck thanks for the answer. I think it's a critical feature as we consolidate our tracking & analyses records to as few 'dashboards' as possible (preferably one), otherwise, we have a lot of data but very little information.
Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
I've never had a strong motivation (no pun intended) to buy a wrist wearable. They often look and feel too bulky. This is super cool form factor, but I wonder how accurate it is in tracking sleep and physical activity.
Matt Zuvella — Marketing Director
@rrhoover How do you know what's 'accurate' when it comes to wearables though?
Michal Subel — Building digital products
@professorz there were tests conducted on the Apple Watch which concluded that its heart rate monitoring is very close to medical grade equipment
@rrhoover i am going to build a ring that zaps you someday.
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