MOTIV RING IS NOW SHIPPING!! You shouldn’t have to choose between form, fit and function. Wear Motiv Ring continuously to track your progress over time and get the insight you need to keep living better.

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Hey, everyone! I’m excited to tell you about a cool new product from an SF startup that launches today. Motiv Ring is a fitness tracker that tracks activity, heart rate and sleep. I’ve been a Beta tester for a couple of months, and the thing I’m most blown away by is the form factor -- it’s the most low-profile fitness tracker I’ve ever used/seen. I even wore it to a black-tie event! Check it out, share it with your friends, bookmark it and come back later. I know the team would love some feedback and of course if you have questions, ask away! For more info or to reserve yours visit: You can also follow along on social: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Cheers! Arielle
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@ariellezuck very cool product indeed. do you know if it will allow to share data with iOS health as well? I couldn't find info on their website.
@ariellezuck Love it, I hope its accurate
@ariellezuck Is there a way to turn off the bluetooth?
@nycortex @ariellezuck The ring syncs with the app every several minutes. You can also manually sync by spinning the ring a couple times on your finger. We do not currently offer a way to turn off the Bluetooth.
@curtvb very cool product. Love the concept! Working for a fitness company, I'm always impressed with new and improved fitness tech.
I've never had a strong motivation (no pun intended) to buy a wrist wearable. They often look and feel too bulky. This is super cool form factor, but I wonder how accurate it is in tracking sleep and physical activity.
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@rrhoover How do you know what's 'accurate' when it comes to wearables though?
@professorz there were tests conducted on the Apple Watch which concluded that its heart rate monitoring is very close to medical grade equipment
@rrhoover i am going to build a ring that zaps you someday.
@rrhoover I've thought the same, but last summer I randomly stumbled across Withings and their Activité Steel watch: Since then they've also released Steel HR:
This look's super cool! I'm very intrigued by this type of fitness tracker. We've seen the wrist done a thousand times (some good, some bad). Motivation is in the air this time of year! 💪 Excited to test it out, hopefully soon!
@as_austin Love it, can't wait for you to try one.
This looks very interesting and I love the concept, but as somebody very familiar with consumer electronics supply chains and the components used in a number of commercial devices, I'm curious as to how the electronics have been miniaturised? It looks smaller than standard BLE chips or power sources and makes me question if it is too good to be true (if I'm honest!). I would have thought any non-commoditised components will push up the BOM prohibitively for a market space which is effectively commoditised. The Kerv ring is only trying to handle a passive NFC chip with no power requirements, and they still haven't shipped yet a year later than planned.
@robtregaskes Motiv is three years in the making, and our battery was a big part of that timeline. Small is hard! Nothing like it exists, so we made the battery ourselves. We're a serious company with awesome engineers who specialize in miniaturization. As for what else is inside, we follow the industry very closely and knew when the timing was right to even start thinking about a ring this small.
@curtvb Fair enough. I'm yet to be convinced I think but I would love to be proved wrong! Good luck! 😎
@curtvb but what about the BLE miniaturization concern?
This is something I'd use and wear (for real this time).