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Hi everyone! I'm one of the founders of MotionDen, a free-to-use online animated video maker! First off, thank you for checking us out, it means so much to us, really. Some videos using MotionDen intros: Colorful Life (28 million views): Connor Murphy (3 million views): We Want More Facts (3 million views): We're free-to-use, but for watermark removal, we have a small fee. Most videos are only a couple bucks Here's a code for $5 OFF: mauricerrmq We currently only have YouTube intros and video slideshows, but will be expanding soon to video ads, real estate listing videos and many other categories! Ask me anything, feedback is welcome :)
@maurice Thanks for posting - interesting to look at your site and to see the options available. A few questions: - what is the resolution of the downloads for the videos as I checked a couple in the video links you shared and they did not look to be HD? - will you be making templates that are Square and also portrait given them being formats that are used for Facebook and Instagram and F/I/Snapchat stories? - I tried to click through to your Help desk - FYI I get a message that says uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate expired on June 18, 2017 at 12:59 AM. The current time is June 28, 2017 at 12:05 PM. Error code: SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE
@krishnade Thank you! On resolution: Our default resolution is 720P, as shown on our free videos. We can't speak on the quality of the videos listed because a content creator may have render settings that impact the video intro used. Also, we offer 1080P upgrades On video dimension: We WILL be adding square mobile-focused videos for mobile in the near future, any video types you have in mind? :) On support: Will be fixed ASAP! For now, shoot me an email and i'll handle any issues you may have, for all other things, post here :)
@maurice Why does your help desk not answer any emails???? I WANT A REFUND!!
@maurice Why does your help desk not answer any emails???? I WANT A REFUND!!
Great videos. Can you please explain the monthly credits?. For example if i pay the 18 monthly fee i get 360 credits. How are those credits counted?
@vabustillos Thanks Victor! 😄 Our membership plans are something that has been in consideration for change, we're looking for a better way to offer monthly plans. HOWEVER: Currently credits worth 1 USD (1:1), we give you 25% more credits if you opt-in for a yearly plan Sidenote: You get 5 credits (worth $5) every time you refer a friend :) hope that helps
@maurice How about changing the $ cost of elements for "credits". That way i can see if i have 360 credits how long they will last me.
So cool! Could see myself using these for promo videos, I’d love customisable colours so that the intros would fit better with my current branding
@hsus That's great to hear Jesper, thanks! We do plan on adding more video designs soon (to cover a wider range of possibilities) We've considered giving users the ability to change video design colors in the future, just not sure if that would be a highly requested feature yet, it sounds like it would be, though :) thanks for the tip, if you have anything else, dont hesitate to share!
@hsus @maurice Why does your help desk not answer any emails???? I WANT A REFUND!!
Can the intro videos be imported and used in After Effects?
@markus_schuette The videos are created by our service and delivered to you in MP4 format, so you can use it for just about anything that supports video So yes, you could technically import the video design of your liking into AE and do as you please
@maurice Awesome! Another question...can logos be used instead of text?
@markus_schuette For some designs yes, look for the "logo reveal" video designs :)
@maurice Why does your help desk not answer any emails???? I WANT A REFUND!!
@markus_schuette @maurice You have a broken product. Could have been so cool. I took my business elsewhere
Looking super slick @maurice! Nice work!
Thank you @arthur_camara :) Believe it or not, you guys helped a ton, my deepest gratitude to you and @bennygiang