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Hey everybody - David from Motion AI here… So excited to come out of stealth on Product Hunt today! We’re building Motion AI to help make Artificial Intelligence accessible for anyone to create and deploy... something we felt was missing from the current landscape. Think of it as the UI for AI. We like to say, if you can draw a flowchart, you can make Artificial Intelligence using Motion AI. We handle every layer of the process, from telecom to deep learning for “on-the-job” training of AI robots. Once you’ve created a robot with Motion AI, you’re provided with an SMS number, email, web chat… even a Facebook Messenger integration, so that your AI can be everywhere your users are. From automating customer service, to food ordering to healthcare… there are so many ways that we believe Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize technology in the coming months and years. End-users create AI on our platform by assembling a modular “storyboard” detailing how their robot should function. The individual modules that make up a storyboard are developer-extensible, which is where things get REAL interesting… For example, accepting payments is as simple as dragging a Stripe module into your storyboard. To say we're excited to see how the developer community extends our platform is a huge understatement! Please check out our site and join the waitlist - we’re on boarding people as quickly as we can! Oh, and don’t forget to order a pizza or two from Hoover’s Pizza using our demo ;-) I’m personally very excited to interact with all of you and hear what use-cases you have in mind and answer any questions you may have! David
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@davidjnels What are some use cases? And have you found the people that use it the best are technical?
@joshdance @davidjnels Our mission is to present AI in such a way that you don't have to be super tech-savvy to use it. I'm sure it's safe to say our base will always be more tech-savvy than the average person - just by the very nature of people who are interested in Artificial Intelligence. As for the use cases - I'm hearing more and more great ideas with every person I talk to, so the possibilities are pretty endless... But some common themes so far are customer service, food ordering and healthcare-related applications. :)
@davidjnels for customer service does this basically let me setup a system for answering for top 10 faq for my business? Can it then forward to a real person if it doesn't know the answer?
@jfilcik @davidjnels tl;dr answer is yes! Check out Julien Steel's comment below, and my reply, for a little more info :)
@davidjnels Awesome! This looks super cool. Would love to check it out.
So this is like a more advanced IFTTT/Zapier, @davidjnels? I'd love to try it out. I have some ideas on how we might use it at Product Hunt. 😉
@rrhoover Thank you Ryan! Yes!! One silly but accurate relatable is IFTT meets Omnigraffle!
@rrhoover Hoovero-hadron collider on the way :D
Woo-hoo! 100+ upvotes and thousands of virtual pizzas served up by Hoover's Pizza ;-) Thanks everyone for all the support so far! :) We really appreciate it.
Thought I'd post this pretty frustrating, and funny, conversation I had with one of the demos: Bot: To start with, what size pizza would you like? Me: Peppers Bot: Thank you. A pizza with pepperoni. What size pizza would you like? Me: No, I would like Peppers on my pizza, not pepperoni Bot: Got it. A pizza with pepperoni and pepperoni. What size pizza would you like? Me: No. Bot: We have small, medium and large pizzas. What size would you like? Me: I do not want Pepperoni Bot: Thank you. A pizza with pepperoni, pepperoni and pepperoni. What size pizza would you like?
@dkndlr good one, darn peppers haha. Thanks for the feedback, if you check back a little later that will probably be resolved pretty quickly! :)
OMGGG This looks brilliant how do I get invited to test this out??? I'd love to play around with this over the weekend.
@nicholassheriff Thanks Nicholas! We're on-boarding people as fast as we can, if you're on the waitlist as of today we'll have more for you very soon.