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#3 Product of the DayFebruary 12, 2020
Motion is a Chrome extension that actively prevents you from getting distracted on the web through real-time interventions. We save users over an hour a day by intercepting on distracting sites, sending reminders, and showing reports with actionable insights.
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Firefox planned?
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@nicholasoneill1 Yes! Coming soon!
@althaffe For sure! Working on it!
@althaffe @harry_qi How can I get notified when this is out? :D
@althaffe @otajor1 Hmmm great question. I think we'll either create another PH page, or just post the link here. ETA one month.
Hello Product Hunt! We started Motion because we noticed that we were spending 2-3 hours a day on a handful of distracting websites: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter. This was a painful realization because we knew that 90% of the time we spent on these sites was ultimately wasted. Time is our most valuable, yet scarce, resource - there's little we wouldn't do to get those hours back. We had previously used website blockers like BlockSite and StayFocusd to try to solve our problem, but they were too prescriptive. Their "hard block" approach ignored the fact that sites like Facebook and Twitter are deeply ingrained in our lives. We didn't need these sites blocked completely. Rather, we wanted to be extremely mindful of the time we spent there so that we avoided unintentional rabbit holes. So we're proud to share Motion, our own take on this problem. Motion is a Chrome extension that actively prevents you from getting distracted on the web through real-time interventions. We built Motion to be proactive, but intelligent, about helping you avoid distractions. Here's how Motion works: ✅Intervenes and lets you set a visible countdown timer each time you visit a distracting site (e.g. Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Youtube) ✅On every page, displays your current task and how long you've been working on it so you don't get sidetracked ✅Shows periodic, non-intrusive reminders when you've spent a long time on any website ✅Gives you a daily report on how you spent time on the previous day with actionable ways to improve productivity ✅Hide distracting UI components like Youtube video recommendations and Facebook newsfeed Lastly, we do not sell or share any user data with anyone. In fact - we (developers) ourselves cannot see any websites or content you visit. We hate companies who do sell data, and we will not be one of them. Our beta users have told us Motion saves them more than an hour each day! You can find some testimonials here: We've had similar results using Motion ourselves. Now, we're focused on sharing this superpower - we hope you'll give Motion a try and let us know what you think!
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This product is straight fire. I've messed around with a few of these time-saving extensions before (RescueTime was probably the second best one I used), but none of them ever really worked. I also tried various other things to help improve focus like pomodoro and time tracking. Of the software tools i've tried AND other things i've tried, this blows them all out of the water. I absolutely love how you get enough control to take a 1, 5, or 15 minute break, but 9/10 times I'll just get back to work. (I usually do take 15 minutes to watch a youtube video over lunch.) Also, the onboarding is so great. Works right out of the box with minimal setup. Can't say enough positive stuff about Motion - this thing is really awesome.
@johnsillings Thank you so much John! That's really great to hear
Any plans on porting to Firefox
@chakrihacker Definitely! Firefox coming soon :)
Great product!
@calum_moore Thank you Calum!