Mother's Day Video Generator

Make a Mother's Day video on Facebook in less than 3 minutes

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Hello Product Hunt :) @rchktk and I had a little fun with this one! Wanted to share something with our own Moms and figured we'd build it on top of Comma ( It's really as simple as filling in a blank, adding an image and clicking a publish button and getting a video! With the built in template, takes as little as a minute! This is what the finished product looks like:
Nice work, although it's a bit laborious to find and upload photos individually. I was hoping it would import pictures of my mom from Facebook to select easily.
@rrhoover Great feedback Ryan!! Will definitely get Facebook importing next time!
This is awesome! Can't wait to try it out today 😛
@foolywk <3 Thanks Brandon!
This is really cool! My mom's gonna love it.
@camwiese Thanks Cam :D <3
This is awesome. Thank you for making this.
@lisamsilvia <3 thanks silvia!!