Video stories for podcasts

Morris is a tool that helps people promote their podcast episodes on social media using video stories.

Select a template, fill out the information and get a story video delivered to your email, ready to use on Instagram.

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Hello, hunters! I'm glad to be here posting my second product πŸš€ Morris is a tool that helps people promote their podcast episodes on social media using stories. I've always been into podcasts, and a close friend of mine started one recently. We were talking about how difficult it is to promote it and get more listeners. So I made a simple video for him, using a clip of one episode. The response was good, and the following week he wanted another one, and the next one, and so on. And that's how it started :) I'm working on more templates for people with different topics and styles. Let me know what you guys think! I’d love to get your feedback! πŸ™
@robbdiazz This is a great idea!!!
@robbdiazz cool @michaelberhane_ let's try this for Techish 😎
This is clever. Would love to experiment using this with Product Hunt Radio once we're back. We have a decent following across Snapchat, IG, etc.
@rrhoover thanks, Ryan! Any idea when that would be? Let me know :)
@robbdiazz mid-July is the launch goal. :)
@rrhoover Sounds good. Shoot me an email if you wanna try it out
I've been doing this manually, but the animations you've created are stunning. Any plan to offer a 1-time payment for unlimited use?
@scottwyden Hi Scott! I'm figuring out the best option for people who wants to use the service regularly, I'll let you know more about it soon πŸ™
Oh man, this is such a great idea, and so needed for podcasters promoting their best episodes! Congrats!
@boaticus Thank you! :D
Simple and good idea I think. It's even cheaper than going to Fiverr where they would probably also use some kind of template. Would be great with more options; maybe some possibility to upload own background, would make it possible for people to stand out. Also a discount for buying more. If I know I'm going to make 5 episodes a month, would be cool to get a little discount for paying in advance. Maybe a monthly subscription where you adjust according to your needs. So I know I need 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 a month, and then I buy in advance or subscribe to that number to get a discount, and you have a subscription which is easier to plan and work with for startups.
@martinsanton Hi Martin, thank you for your feedback! At the moment I'm working on more animated backgrounds, using your own is also gonna be a feature soon. The bulk discount idea is coming, I'm still brainstorming this to make it reasonable for people, no matter if they publish episodes daily, weekly or monthly. I'll look into your idea of "2, 3, 4, 5 videos per month" subscription model. Thanks again! πŸ™
@robbdiazz I definitely agree with @martinsanton on a subscription model. I was using and quit because of their limitations. $5-10/month would definitely be worth it for some quick social posts. No limits on the number of posts created, perhaps keep a limit on length. However, as it currently stands $1-2 per 10 second post isn't really worth it for the estimate amount of traffic it'd actually drive.
@martinsanton @derekwwyatt Hi Derek, really good insights, subscription model is gonna happen. Can you be more specific about the limitations that you mentioned? Maybe something that I should avoid doing? Thanks!