Morph Wallet

Secure multi currency crypto wallet

Spend all of your coins from one wallet.

The crypto world is unnecessarily tricky. Its very hard to keep track of your funds or safely store your private keys without having them stolen. Morph wallet secures all of your funds within a managed cloud vault that only you can unlock making it easy to spend your cryptos from any device, anywhere.

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Welcome Hunters! - Im so happy to have finally launched. I've been involved with crypto currencies for a long time now and I've wanted to see this technology succeed as much as possible. But the reason crypto currencies are not being adopted as a mass currency are due to the UX problems of using crypto currencies such as: - Impossibly difficult to remember/track all of your private keys - Hard to prevent malicious attackers from stealing your funds - Risks of losing devices which hold your wallet - Downloading loads of wallets for all of your different coins - Limited to a single device which has the backed up wallet Morph tackles these problems by storing your funds in our cloud vault eco-sytem. Each vault is protected by extra authentication layers such as 2Factor authentication and can only be accessed by you. This also means that you can log in and access you vault from your smartphone or browser making it easy to send funds. Morph syncs with the blockchains in realtime to provide you with detailed tracking and analysis of your spending. You are always in control of your private keys and can export them from our managed vaults whenever you feel like it. Thanks for taking the time to view my product. I hope you liked it, Jacob
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@jacob_plaster why is an account needed ?
@r3djok3r1 Good question. Your account is tied to your vault, not data is stored on your device. This means you can log into your vault from other devices as long as you can authenticate yourself and also pass the 2Factor authentication step. This means you dont have to worry about losing your device/private keys, your device being compromised by attackers or using your account on other devices (such as desktop).
@jacob_plaster but isnt 2FA a premium feature ? so by defult if want to authenticate my self i have to purchase premium
@r3djok3r1 By default all accounts are protected by email 2Factor authentication, the premium service offers SMS 2Factor authentication as an option.
@jacob_plaster okay thx for clearing that , are you going to add more coins
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so if you get hacked, funds are gone right?
@ourielohayon Hi Ouriel, Thats a hard question to answer because there are lots of different types of "hacks" which we implement strict security measures to stop such as vaults being stored offline, all data is encrypted using AES256, daily backups of data. However if this was to ever become compromised you are still in charge of your private keys and are encouraged to export them from the app.
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This wallet is one of my favourites: fast, simple and seems secure. It requires a bit of faith in the company running the app to have done the encryption and storage of keys properly but here's to hoping they release more details about that in the future. Reminds me of how LastPass started.


simple, supports the better known coins


needs to be more transparent about how keys are stored

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