Random Instagram memories, delivered daily.

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I recently redesigned MorningPics, a project I launched a few years ago to help refresh memories previously posted to Instagram. It's similar to Timehop in the sense it shows you past memories, but different because it's not tied to a certain time frame. The email you get each day is totally random. It could be a memory from 60 days ago, or one from 3 years ago. Each Sunday you'll get a summary of photos you took that week. It's a fun project that's brought me a lot of smiles. Give it a spin and let me know what you think.
@mulligan One quick note... my wife says "I'd rather it be texted to me." -- Any plans for that?
@cdevroe no plans as of yet, but if I hear that enough I'd be happy to add it.
@mulligan great idea here. Definitely giving this a go after finding myself scrolling through my photos for a solid hour yesterday.
Nice idea, I'm going to pass this around to my friends and family.
I've been using this for a year or two and really love it! One gripe about the redesign - the emails no longer format properly in gmail for iOS. ( )
@cyborgnation well that's terrible. i'll need to fix that.
@cyborgnation fyi, pushed a fix for this tonight .. hopefully it helps with tomorrow's delivery.
cool idea. i'd also be intrigued if there was a similar app that somehow resurfaced my most important / meaningful emails to friends/loved ones over the years
@eriktorenberg Fascinating - I wonder how you'd identify 'meaningful' amongst the sea of meaningless emails. I suppose clustering around certain contacts would suffice. Then that shitty Monday when you're resent the breakup email you hoped to never read again:)
@dshan somewhat related to the idea of memories you might not want resurfaced:
I was really hoping this sent you a random memory from a random person, not from your account :) Hmm... RouletteHop? *runs to* ;)
@angilly that remind me of this social experiment: 20 Day Stranger (share intimate experiences with another anonymous person).