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I love the concept but the UI is in dire need of polish and refinement. Now that you have it working, it's time to clean it up. Also, based on your marketing tagline, I assumed that you collected the morning regimens of famous entrepreneurs and business moguls so that I could train myself to follow a morning schedule of someone who I admire. But that doesn't seem like the case at all. Seems as though this is just a way to track my own morning routine. Maybe I don't want to build my own routine, and I just want to do what other successful people are already doing? Think about it! I think this would be a great addition!
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@metalhaze Agreed! Even just dropping the background from that blue to white or a very light gray would make the app much more attractive. +1 if you trade the emojis for a simple line icon
@metalhaze Hey Alex, thanks for your feedback! I will see what I can do with the design! Any suggestion? I created morning rituals with the idea that everyone is unique, and also that every single minute counts if you want to be productive in the morning. What works for successful people is to have consistent habits, hence the stats tab. The app could be populated with a typical routine (that you could tweak or delete) but in the end I preferred to keep it blank so that I don't influence people on how they should use the app. There is plenty of content out there to read about morning rituals, my goal is to create a tool that helps people track theirs.
@metalhaze How would knowing what rituals Edison practiced benefit an entrepreneur in the 2010s? 🤔
@metalhaze Agreed. I love the concept but want to have a polish UI.
@smliad it's coming!
@pierreventer nice app , but would like to have it with a freemium model !
@otymix Yeah, especially with productivity apps that are so high churn and subjective - they either work for you or don't - it's really tough to justify spending money to test.
@shloky @otymix Hi, I don't mean to be combative here, purely curious, so I got to ask: Do you _justify_ every $2 you spend or is that only for apps/software? I find it fascinating how people reason about purchases.
@ghromis Not speaking for @shloky but yes, I do justify every purchase I make. I consider myself to be a very frugal person and often find myself contemplating a purchase for days or weeks (digital or physical) before I finally pull the trigger. This is especially true in the app market because there are constantly new apps being released and one release could be better than the other or one could simply not work for me then I regret spending my money.
@unseenvision @ghromis Yeah, I don't particularly care about $2. $2 x infinity adds up though. Not to mention a perfectly valid business model in app-land includes building once, charging $X, and then never updating/maintaining.
@shloky Absoutely , in order to pay it we should have at least try it for a while , especially for uknown apps freshly arrived on iTunes
Just downloaded and stoked to use! One thing that would be really cool is to have a new page for night routine. :-)
@aboundlessworld I agree! A night out routine would be a great addition.
I've had an opportunity to test beta version of this app - really great idea!
My 2016 resolutions in one app!