Morning Mail

A new way to manage your mail. Tinder for email.

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"Tinder for Email" :)
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Hey, Product Hunters! Morning Mail is a very outstanding email app. It's made for people who always want to keep their inbox clean. Morning Mail separates new emails from other mail. It represents new emails as cards which can easily be sorted out with simple gestures, one at a time. Have fun, be more productive and always have your inbox clean with Morning Mail.
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@usoltt any update on the Google authentication/certification issue? This was a great app until I couldn’t use it anymore.
What a great and funny idea. This would be a perfect addition for my Inbox. Please make sure to put Android somewhere in your Roadmap ;)
@talkb1nary Thanks! Sure, Android is must :)
These products make me regret switching to android 😩
@brandonshtein We have a plan to launch on Android someday...
Love it! But, I label all my emails before I archive them - any way to do that on here?
@aneeshaprakash not yet. But we're going to add label in the next updates.