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#3 Product of the DayJanuary 19, 2018

Moonshot is an app to help entrepreneurs and creators keep track and plan their next big idea

The idea was to help creators start to plan their idea, without the hassle of researching how to make a business plan.

I also wanted Moonshot to encourage users to complete their idea by setting milestones and showing your progress.

I hope you enjoy.


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Elavenil@elavenil_e · Entrepreneur, Investor and Coffee Addict
There is no trial?
Scott@scotty_mcq · Electrical Designer
@elavenil_e definitely needs a trial
Amrith Shanbhag@amrith · Community at Product Hunt & Feathrd
This looks beautifully useful to many @jazkingok! I'd like to hear more on how you validated the execution of this and how your users are adapting to it 🙌
Baptiste@baptistedebever · Developer
That's a nice app - exactly what I was looking for! Great job guys! Will give you feedbacks asap! :)
Jaz KingMaker@jazkingok · Founder of Astron Labs
@baptistedebever Thank you for checking it out, hope it helps you with any ideas you have !
Marcus Karoumi@mkaroumi · Marketing @
Great app! Just downloaded it and must admit that I both love the functionality and design of this app. Great work, Jaz! 👏
Jaz KingMaker@jazkingok · Founder of Astron Labs
@mkaroumi Thank you so much 🙏 Glad you enjoy it 😅
Miguel John@migueljohn_ · Marketing Coordinator
Love the design! It's gorgeous. Just brought it, now all I need is some ideas. There seems to be a bug with the "Remove Project" functionality. Not sure if this is because you can't have less than one active project...
Jaz KingMaker@jazkingok · Founder of Astron Labs
@migueljohn_ Thank you for the support 🙏 haha, when you come up with one I hope it helps. Are you referring to when the project doesn't perform a destructive delete, if so the project is removed once you go back to the projects screen. I did this intentionally as I found sometimes I would remove a project to then realise I actually wanted to copy something from the plan; this way at least you have a moment to export or copy.