Moonlighting is the fastest way to find and hire the on-demand pros you need right now.

Hey @joharritesh, Tell us more about what you've built here and how it's different from other similar products out there?
@joharritesh @jacqvon Yes, I'm curious too. There are lots of platforms to do this already so how does your service differentiate itself? Thanks!
@joharritesh @jacqvon @stephmcdonald Moonlighting is very different because we do not stand in the way of a freelancer, consultant or contractor from engaging directly with the potential client. We don't charge for leads or marketplace commissions on completed jobs but instead focus on delivering tools that help you engage directly with the customer. Tools like Proposals, Invoicing, instant chat as well as employer options to aid in recruiting future freelance talent. Our platform does not have any special niches and the Moonlighting marketplace is open to all talent types… from pet sitters to data scientists. Moonlighting offers a free version or users can upgrade to the enhanced version for only $10/Month.