Moonlight is a marketplace for hiring experienced software contractors on demand. Find engineers based on skills, and use the fully automated app to manage your projects each week. Start a project today to get started! https://www.moonlightwork.com/

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Emma and the team have been slow burning this. It feels perfectly niche enough for the market - and decidedly better than other recent 'freelancer' options.


Amazing product, from idea to community values


Small, so clients projects reflect that.

Thanks for being one of our first beta users Ryan!

I signed up for the beta a while back. So far did one project through the platform and the experience has been great. Really liking the personal touch and high quality projects.


Feels very personal. The fact that you get matched to projects on actual skills instead of general terms like "web designer" is great.


They still need to build out some features, but progress has been steady.

Thanks for the feedback Mattijs! With this new launch, you'll be able to agree to work, track time, communicate, and get paid each week automatically. Looking forward to matching you with more projects soon.

Love the interface. It's exactly what I've been looking for. I signed up with the Beta version and the2 projects I've worked on with contractors from Moolight have both been great experiences.


Great platform. I've worked on many freelance collaborative products before, it's been hard finding quality help. Moonlight is the answer!


As said before, it's still small. Excited to see how it grows.

Thanks for the feedback Lily! I'm interested to hear your experience with projects with the fully automated process. It should make it easier to track your time, communicate with clients, and get paid each week.

I submitted a project on Moonlight and within a day or two, I had quotes from 7 great freelancers who told me how long they thought it would take and what their rate was. It was easy to select a freelancer and get going on the project.


Great way to quickly & painlessly find freelancers for all types of projects. You don't have to worry about invoicing or timelines either!


I can't think of any!

Thanks Brooke!

"all contractors must have at least one year of professional experience in each skill on their profile." - One year doesn't seem to be sufficient for a developer to be 'experienced'. When I think 'experienced' I think 5+ years of experience.

Even if they work in a professional setting in a large company, there's no guarantee their code quality is high.


Nice website, good concept


Requirements are not too high so the quality might be too low

Thanks for the Feedback Daniel! We do personal research on each contractor to make sure they meet our community standards. We will also be taking feedback seriously and removing people if they do not keep up their quality of work. If you have any recommendations on what you would expect out of an "experienced" contractor, please send them my way!