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Moonlight is a marketplace for hiring experienced software contractors on demand. Find engineers based on skills, and use the fully automated app to manage your projects each week. Start a project today to get started!

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Hiring engineers is hard. It can take months to find a full-time hire, and sometimes you just need help right away. Moonlight makes it easy to hire experienced engineers when you need them. We have thousands of software consultants on the platform, and you choose who to work with based on skills and knowledge of your tech stack. We are a two-person team living the digital nomad life through Moonlight. We even use the platform ourselves to bootstrap the company! We hire contractors to augment our small product team, and do contract work for other companies 10 hours a week. Here’s what makes Moonlight different: -Contractors only have to work part-time. Two-thirds have day jobs at top tech companies (mostly in the Bay area), and moonlight on nights and weekends. -It’s low-touch and self-serve. You directly hire and work with contractors. We match based on skills, like React.js and TensorFlow. We track 150+ skills, so when you hire an engineer - you can find somebody who already knows your software stack. -Automated from start to finish. Moonlight handles everything from collecting proposals to weekly check-ins to payments to tax forms. We took the “minimum” in “MVP” to the extreme. For the past 6-months, we ran Moonlight without writing a line of code. Not only that, it was profitable! We used Google forms, spreadsheets, Zapier, Typeform, and emails to prototype an app. We gained a unique perspective through this process, and designed an automated product based on our experience. Companies and contractors were happy with the manual process, and we know that today’s launch of the automated app will be even smarter and faster! Get started today and start making quick momentum with specialized engineers. or apply to work as a contractor!
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@emmalawler24 and Philip, nicely done. It's been a learning experience observing over the last 8-9 months how you took your idea from concept to a lifestyle to a business platform for others too. Congrats!
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@emmalawler24 @tihomirb Thanks for your mentorship! It's been a fun journey.

Emma and the team have been slow burning this. It feels perfectly niche enough for the market - and decidedly better than other recent 'freelancer' options.


Amazing product, from idea to community values


Small, so clients projects reflect that.

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Thanks for being one of our first beta users Ryan!
How is this different than sites like Upwork or Toptal?
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@jastrauss When I was building Staffjoy, I looked at both. Upwork didn't help me find the kind of high-skill specialists that I needed for projects like using Kubernetes. Toptal and Gigsgter acted like agencies, and didn't do a good job of augmenting our in-house software team. I built Moonlight at the product I wanted. Here's what makes it different: - Moonlight is low-touch, self-serve, and mostly automated. You can submit a project now, and have somebody hired and coding within a day. - Moonlight targets more product managers and engineering managers, so it works to augment in-house engineering and product teams. - Our talent is primarily based in the US. Two-thirds have day jobs at major tech companies, and the rest are full-time contractors who used to work in tech. - We match based on skills, like Ruby on Rails or TensorFlow. Finding a contractor who has experience in your tech stack minimizes the ramp-up time. - Our projects tend to be more technical and specialized. Recent examples include setting up AWS ETL to be HIPAA-compliant, setting up a Kubernetes cluster, and training a machine learning model on Salesforce data.
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@philipithomas We've definitely had a tough time finding good contractors. Excited to give this a shot!

I signed up for the beta a while back. So far did one project through the platform and the experience has been great. Really liking the personal touch and high quality projects.


Feels very personal. The fact that you get matched to projects on actual skills instead of general terms like "web designer" is great.


They still need to build out some features, but progress has been steady.

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Thanks for the feedback Mattijs! With this new launch, you'll be able to agree to work, track time, communicate, and get paid each week automatically. Looking forward to matching you with more projects soon.

Love the interface. It's exactly what I've been looking for. I signed up with the Beta version and the2 projects I've worked on with contractors from Moolight have both been great experiences.


Great platform. I've worked on many freelance collaborative products before, it's been hard finding quality help. Moonlight is the answer!


As said before, it's still small. Excited to see how it grows.

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Thanks for the feedback Lily! I'm interested to hear your experience with projects with the fully automated process. It should make it easier to track your time, communicate with clients, and get paid each week.