Head temperature control & machine learning to improve sleep

Live on Kickstarter - Moona is on a mission to help millions of people get better sleep. We are launching the first non-intrusive product that improves sleep thanks to thermotherapy. It understands your sleep patterns and regulates the perfect head-temperature - enabling you to fall asleep, sleep deeper and wake up more refreshed!

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Hey Product Hunt, thanks so much @matthieudeluze for hunting us! I'm Coline Juin, co-founder and CEO of Moona. Body temperature is a key parameter of sleep quality. Based on sleep research, Moona leverages temperature to enhance your sleep, helping you fall asleep faster, get more deep sleep and wake up refreshed. Moona is made of a thin pilow pad that goes inside the pillowcase and whose temperature is precisely regulated to optimize your sleep. Why? To fall asleep, our body temperature needs to decrease (-1°C). And cooler temperatures help get more deep sleep. Acting directly on the head and neck can help prevent your sleep from being disrupted by the heat that gets trapped in your pillow and moves you out Moona: - Tracks your sleep with a sleep sensor, and your sleeping environment with temperature, humidity and light intensity sensors - Regulates the temperature of your pillow all night, through a thin and comfortable membrane inside your pillowcase - Wakes you up progressively with temperature in the morning, heating or cooling the pillow, sending signals to your body that it's time to wake up - Learns over time what temperature profile works best for each user with a machine learning algorithm - Gives you insight about your sleep every morning through an app and customized sleep tips We are live on KICKSTARTER with a Product Hunt special pledge level (select ""PH Special"" on the page). Please ask us anything!
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As a pretty rubbish sleeper, I'm really interested to try this! Having a consistently cool pillow is the dream (excuse the pun).
Hello, Awesome project. Sounds super interesting. Just a little question : How do you detect sleep? Thank you!
Hi @julien_gusman, thanks for the question, Moona uses a tiny accelerometer placed on the pillow pad in order to measure the movements directly on the surface of your pillow. This is a great non-intrusive solution. Signal processing and machine learning algorithms will detect your sleep/wake pattern and will determine your sleep quality by measuring your activity at night. We are also asking feedback in the app to get your qualitative sleep assessment. Cheers, Coline
Hello @coline__juin Interesting! So Moona team has data related to the time needed to fall asleep I guess? How much do you improve this phase compared to pillow alone? Thanks
Interesting ! How does cooling and heating work?
@vnallatamby Moona is a water based system. The beside device heats or warms up the water, which is then smoothly pumped into the membrane in the pad. Moona uses thermo-electric effect to regulate the temperature of the water.
Can it help me recover from jetlag ?
@edouard_de_lansalut Thanks for your comment! Temperature is one of the key factors telling your internal body clock when to go to sleep and stay asleep. The circadian rhythm of temperature is disrupted by jetlag, so by helping each user regulate their body temperature, Moona will assist in adjusting to jetlag and resetting their body clock before, during and after traveling. Using our mobile app, you will state where you are flying to and when, and the Jetlag mode will adapt to the new sleeping pattern, potentially cutting down recovery time. We have plans to conduct a medical study focused solely on jetlag and night shifts. We expect very positive results for improving sleep quality of shift workers as well.