Moon FM for Mac

An easy to use podcast player for podcast lovers

Moon FM is an easy to use podcast player for podcast lovers,offering a modern,fully featured audio podcast player in a simple ,intuitive interface.
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11 Reviews5.0/5
Rarely do you see a desktop-focused podcast player. I'll play around with it. Nice work, @gaodengming.
@rrhoover thanks. here's a few mac app store redeem codes in case anyone want to try it . 3LXT4FLKE44T K4L9LW39FPR9 6YTW4W67WWTE KNHTFRHRK43H 4KMT7REFKFH4
@rrhoover @gaodengming Damn, they're all already gone! It's a shame you don't have a trial or something. I currently use Overcast as my mac podcast app. Don't want to spend £10 on an app to replace it unless I have tried it out first
Love the design and simplicity of the app! Also it is available on Mac, Linux, IOS and Android!
@tinychief Glad you like it.

Would recommend to anyone who actively listens to podcasts and would like the option of a desktop-focused app that isn't a web client.


Really nice interface, one of the very few desktop-focused podcast players, good playback options.


None so far