Moods – story of emotions

Track your mood, save life moments, be closer with friends.

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Hey everyone! I made Moods for myself, my mom, my love and closest friends, so we can easily know each other's mood, location and share life moments. Sometimes app reminds me about something good that happened in my life, sometimes it just helps to check on my friends, sometimes I use it as a diary. I hope it can be useful to you and your loved ones. I tried to make app simple and not distracting, so there are only your emotions and emotions of ones who you care about. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me. Have a great mood!
@r3s3t 0. You are awesome. 1. Android version is in active development. (Actually I'm already using beta version of Moods on my Android phone) 2. Ability to attach videos is inevitable.
@mikefoxb great app! When I was in college, some of my class mates made a similar app as a part of an experiment. They presented the users' moods in a map so you can see the current mood in different places in the world. It will be interesting to see it on your app as well.
@yuvalhaimovits Thank you! I had same idea when I was starting with the development. I will definitely implement it in the future. Have a great mood!
Curiously, that's exactly what I needed. Cheers!
Im tooo emotional for this.