Monty Frugal

Messenger Bot to help you track and predict your expenses



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Diego Zaks@diegozaks1
I'm trying it out, seems like a big ask for someone to go and type out all their expenses. Have you considered ways to automate this? (A.K.A. link you bank account and get the info)
Fasih KhatibMaker@fasih_khatib · Full Stack Developer
@diegozaks1 Lead dev here. Yes, in the future versions we'll let you connect to your bank / credit card. And did you know that the bot understands emojis? Try sending it a food emoji for fun ;) Checkout the new features here:
Uri Eliabayev@urieli17 · Foundr, AutoHash
One of the best bot i have ever used (I used a lot). it's very easy to use and i really love the chat flow. Keep the hard work!
Rushabh DoshiHunter@rushabh_doshi · Design, Aino Bots
@urieli17 Hey Uri, thanks for the kind comment, appreciate it. We are striving hard to solve the problem of expense tracking. We believe chat is the answer to a simplified way to log the expenses. If there is any feature you would like us to add, we would love to explore it. Cheers
Fasih KhatibMaker@fasih_khatib · Full Stack Developer
UPDATE: emojis, receipt recognition, and receipt management added to the bot.
Babu Kumaran@babu_ck · Product Dev Geek
Rushabh DoshiHunter@rushabh_doshi · Design, Aino Bots
Monty Frugal is a Messenger-based bot that helps you keep track of your expenses, receipts, and helps you stay in budget. It answers complicated questions like 'how much did I spend on food between 1/1/2016 and 1/5/2016', makes charts, sends reminders, and even asks you to tweet about it. More here:
Benjamin Kimo Twichell@benkimotwichell · Growth Marketing Consultant
Cool bot! Great for me for me as I'm in france where linking bank accounts is rare so I don't miss that feature. I do miss a couple other features: 1) adding historical expenses. If I want to start using this I need to add all my July expenses so far or wait until Aug 1 for this to be useful. 2) This might be against the concept, but I would love to be able to login somewhere or at least get some type of visualization of my expenses. If I'm going to be typing in all my expenses 1 by 1, I need to have more control of the summary of the data.
Fasih KhatibMaker@fasih_khatib · Full Stack Developer
@benkimotwichell 1) You can add historical expenses by sending '200 on food 3 days ago' or similar. 2) We do have a pie chart for now. We plan to add more visualizations soon. Also, what kind of summary would you like? :)